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Phungo 5 with 25 Years of Baseball

The Phillies hosted the Washington Nationals on Monday for their home opener. This year for the first time we have found a Nats fan to helps us out with Phungo 5. 25 Years of Baseball is in the process of reviewing the last 25 years of Topps Releases and is also a follower of the leagues newest team, the Washington Nationals.

1) You are busy opening packs of cards from the last 25 years of topps after returning to collecting - what set from your missing years (years you were not collecting) are the most interesting to you?

When I stopped collecting in the early 90's, the Topps designs were getting pretty dull compared to those of their main competitors Fleer, Donruss, and Upper Deck. The set that impressed me the most was 2001 Topps because it was the first truly bold and interesting design they produced since the 80's. Also, Ichiro's rookie card is in the set. It was Ichiro who got me interested in baseball again.

2001 Topps Traded #T172 Josh Hamilton (Sorry No 2001 Ichiro in the Phungo Collection)

2) Is there a baseball card that best connects the Nats and Expos?

2005 Upper Deck First Pitch #122 Livan Hernandez. 2005 Upper Deck cards showed Nationals players still in their Expos uniforms. Livan Hernandez best connects the Nats and Expos because he is the only player to have been selected as an All-Star for both teams. He is also one of only two players on the current Nationals roster who has played for the Expos (Miguel Batista is the other).

3) Can the Nats have the most improved record in Major League Baseball?

After two straight seasons as the worst team in baseball, it's kind of hard NOT to have the most improved record. With a new manager, a revamped roster, and a certain phenom pitcher getting ready to join the starting rotation, fans in the D.C. area are very hopeful for the 2010 season.

4) Will Stephen Strasburg get his first Major League start before or after June 8th?

That largely depends on how well the Nats' current starting rotation holds up. Strasburg has already proven that he can do well against major league hitting, but at the same time, the management doesn't want to push their 15 million dollar investment too hard too early. If the current starting rotation holds up well, the Nats will probably give Strasburg more time to develop some professional experience. However, with all the anticipation around here about Strasburg and the fear he might get injured before ever reaching the major leagues, my gut instinct is that he will be called up before June 8 after three minor league starts.

2009 Phungo #16 Abraham Lincoln

5) Who do you root for in the Presidents Race at the Nats Park?

Being a Nationals fan is a lesson in humility and always appreciating the underdog. While Abe is pretty badass with his chin-strap beard and all, deep down inside I think everyone is hoping to see Teddy get his first win. Rooting for the underdog just makes victory that much more sweet when they finally do win. I'm going with Teddy.

Phungo 5 Box Score
2001 Topps will get a check from me, As does Teddy. 25YoB came up with some honest and interesting information on the Nationals and os optimistic on the Nats prospects for the coming season.

I think the Strasburg guess is a bit early, but we will see.

We will award 3 of 3 on the questions answered and leave the Nats season and Strasburg questions open for now - I am hoping for a 5 of 5 here, but both predictions are pretty bold.

Thanks to 25 Years of Baseball for contributing to this edition of Phungo 5.

Looking Back

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