Friday, April 16, 2010

An Insert Set I would like to see

Yesterday, April 15th, Was Jackie Robinson Day across Major League Baseball. Each of the teams honored the Baseball Pioneer by wearing Robinson's #42 which is retired across the sport.

I think a simple yet unique subset of cards could be put together of players wearing the #42 on Jackie Robinson Day. I would like the set to consist of 30 cards, one player from each team. I think each team could come up with one player worthy of the honor of the card. It is a set I would collect each year. It would be great to see which players would get the card each season. Perhaps you could expand the set out to 42 cards with 12 extra cards featuring Jackie Robinson or other baseball Icons.

So Topps, Why Not Create a Players Wearing Jackie Robinson's Number Insert Set. The idea blends the history of the game with today's players, I think it would be popular with many a collector.

2010 UD #372 Brett Anderson

I am aware that we would get the backs of lots of players like in the 2010 UD set, but many teams have the player numbers on the front of the jersey or the sleeves. I am not sure Brett Anderson would make the cut for the Jackie Robinson 42 set, but the photo is an example for the set.

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Sooz said...

Uh, what he said.

Seriously, I think it's a cool idea. I would like that.

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