Thursday, April 8, 2010

Team Phungo Fantasy Blaster

No time to comment much, just that I think I will do pretty darn good in the starting pitching categories. Click on each of the two scans to enlarge.

Four of the Packs

Another Four Packs

The cards are loosely grouped by packs. I pulled out some of the landscape style cards and moved them if necessary. And in general I picked out a favorite or "best" card and put it on top of the stack, with rest of the cards in the order they came out of the pack.

The Tulowitzki is a Chrome Card and was the hit of the box. there were at least 3 SPs (The Santana and Tex All-stars, and Miguel Montero). Only 2 Phils JA Happ and Placido Polanco - the Polanco card will be getting a photoshop fail post at some point. Inserts included Halladay/Whitey Ford, Ty Cobb FB. And there were 2 World Series cards from game the Pils lost >:(

Hopefully at some point this weekend I will get a roster put together.

Thanks to Dayf for suggesting this idea, I am lookin fwd to putting together Team Phungo!

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