Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2011 Phungo Cards - Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan Rodriguez officially announced his retirement Monday.  This marked the end of his 21 year playing career during which, I saw him play several times. 

2011 Phungo #21 Ivan Rodriguez

There are two Phungo cards of Pudge.  Multiple Phungo cards is pretty rare for a player that was never a member of the Phillies or Orioles.  This is the latter of the two cards and is from the 2011 set.

The Photo was take during BP of the Phillies 2010 home opener.  The card number is 21, which is a nod to Rodriguez's fellow coutnrymen Roberto Clemente.

Sources and Links
2011 Phungo Card Checklist
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Play at the Plate said...

How about a Phungo card of his ceremonial first pitch yesterday? Did you see it? He threw from home to second. It was great.

deal said...

Thats cool - and a great way to honor a man who caught for 20+ years.

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a thousand words
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