Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Phungo Cards Bryce Harper

2012 Phungo #15 Bryce Harper

I made it to two of Harper's game last season, both for AA Harrisburg.  The picture on his 2012 Phungo Card above was taken at a game he played versus the Reading Phillies.  My impressions of that game are here.

The nature of the long season of Baseball makes it hard to judge a player from a single game or series.  In  the two games I saw, Harper had one strongly hit ball a Flyout deep to the RCF alley that was caught on the track.  He was just beginning to play LF and had trouble coming in on balls.  He was fast on the basepaths and I would think that skill would translate to the OF. 

The other game I saw him play was in July for Harrisburg versus the Akron Aeroes - My game report on that game here.

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