Saturday, April 7, 2012

Junk of the Month - March - 2012 Topps Heritage Rookie Stars

 Junk of the Month goes to All 4 of these Heritage Rookie Star Cards.

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 2012 Topps Heritage #407 Rookie Stars
2012 Topps Heritage #29 Rookie Stars (DeFratus - Savery)
2012 Topps Heritage #321 Rookie Stars
2012 Topps Heritage #253 Rookie Stars

This post is an ode to the ridiculousness of having a single player on mutliple rookie cards.  At least I can play a fun game of How do you get from Brad Peackock to Nate Spears in 3 moves or less (just follow the arrows) 

Looking Back

Junk of the Month - February
Junk of the Month - January 

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