Tuesday, January 29, 2013

G-BUM 2013 01 29

This is our second edition of Good, Bad, Ugly, Meh or G-BUM which I see as a snapshot of what is happening on Planet Phungo.

The Ugly always seems more interesting then the good - we will start there this week: 
- 2013 Philly Bike Race Cancelled - every year in early June there is a major bike race that runs through town including a legendar climb up the "Manayunk Wall".  At this time this 2013 race has been cancelled. Phungo 2 Cents sez the race is a lot bigger event then biking - and biking the sport is bigger then any single individual. I am sure there is a lot of reasons for corporations pulling sponsorships from the race, but to base it off of the fate of a single individual is short-sighted.  The Philly Bike Race existed long before most of us heard of Lance Armstrong and will be here long after him. -5  
- In Semi-related news - more PEDs in MLB - just in time for opening day. hooray.  -1.


2009 Phungo #37 Chad Durbin

-Downton Abbey/Girls combo on Sunday night - Yes I am a man and I wind down my wild weekends by watching ChicksterTV +1
-Phillies Welcome back Chad Durbin - ok he is really a blah middle reliever, but anybody from the 2008 World Championship squad is a plus for team Phungo, +1
-Great Philadelphia Restaurant Week dinner at Zahav +2    
-Flyers 2-4 start -1
-FICA tax - of course my father retired last year, so I figure I am just throwing $$ in his pocket.  Push.
-"Life of Pi" ran a little long for me.  I agree it is visually mind blowing and the story is good - but I stop short of great.  push. 
-@KeithOlbernann rips 2013 Topps cards on Twitter - Gets SSPs and Cool Inserts He is Topps1%. My 3 Packs will likely include blah inserts and no Phillies -1 
Phungo Scorecard:
This Week -4 
2013 to date: -7

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