Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Phun Cards 1991 Donruss #744: Dale Murphy 2013 Hall of Fame Candidate

I didn't quite make it thru all of the Phillies on the HoF Ballot, but I did want top get to this one.  

1991 Donruss #744 Dr Dirt and Mr Clean

This card says a lot about this years ballot.  It has one player who got a single vote in 2001 and another that remained on the ballot for his full 15 years of eligiblity.

We have one player who was known as a good guy off the field and one guy who has had nothing but trouble since leaving baseball.

This card also shows both sides of the steroid issue.  One guy we're pretty sure is Mr Clean and on the other side of the PED issue we have Dr Dirt. 

Looking forward to Wednesday's Results.

My Apologies to the two Phillies Alums I didn't get to in the 2013 HoF candidates I didnt' get to - Julio Franco and Roberto Hernandez.  I supposed I may get a crack at Mr Franco in 2014 - doubtful for Hernandez. 

2013 HoF Candidate Postings
Curt Schilling 

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Barry Bonds
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