Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy 100th Birthday Danny Kaye

Today would of been Entertainer Danny Kaye's 100th birthday. Kaye is from at least a generation before myself likely two - indeed he would have been a contemporary of my Grandparents. And I cannot tell you one think about him as an actor, singer or dancer.  But, when I looked into his bio I found out something interesting.

Danny Kaye (pix swiped from Getting Blanked)

Turns out Kaye was an owner for the Seattle Mariners. Kaye co-owned the team from their inception until 1981.  During those early expansion years the M's finished no better then 6th in a 7 team division. Their top players in that era included Rupert Jones, Leon Roberts, Tom Paciorek, and Floyd Bannister. Mario Mendoza was another illustrious member of those early Mariners teams. 

Those might not of been great teams, but it is pretty cool that Danny Kaye was an early owner of a Major League Baseball team.

Happy 100th Birthday Danny Kaye. 

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Anthony Hughes said...

I remember watching a TV show around the time the Mariners started, could have been a Bob Hope special. Kaye was dressed in a Mariner's uniform and Bob Hope, who owned a piece of the Indians, was wearing a Cleveland uniform. I think they were arguing about who would finish better, I can't remember.

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