Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello Cleveland!! Nick Swisher - His first Indians Card - 2013 Phungo #38

Apparently some huge card company is coming out with baseball cards this week.  Here at Phungo we are significantly smaller which makes us a bit more agile.

2013 Phungo #38 Nick Swisher

And allows us to get cards that have players repping their new squad somewhat quicker.  Not sure if Nick Swisher is in Series 1 Topps - but here he is in 2013 Phungo and he is on a Cleveland Indians card.
No airbrushing for us though.  I have opted for the hatless closeup.  This photo was actually taken while Swisher was still with the Yankees.  Swisher was walking off the field between innings and removed his cap. Perfect photo op for a free agent player. Days before Phungo '13 went to print the Cleveland Indians signed Swisher. 

Moneyball 2013
Swisher was the darling of Moneyball and has gone on to modest success including winning a World Series as a member of the 2009 Yankees.  He has had a fun career to follow and was on the Phillies rumor list this off season, but I don't think he was the proper fit. 

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