Monday, January 21, 2013

New Feature Good Bad Ugly Meh the weekend that was

I plan on periodically attempting to capture some Hi and Lo-Lights from recent sports and culture on Planet Phungo in a new Feature I refer to as G-BUM - Good, Bad, Ugly, Meh.  It is going to have a strong Philly Bent, but will definitely include Baseball, Sports and Trading Cards.


-NFL Playoffs - Both games were pretty good and both games went my way +2

-Ms Phungo and myself had a big day out in the city on Saturday included stops at Federal Donuts CC, Dandelion, and a visit to Jet Wine bar. thumbs up all +3

-While dontown we took in a play "Assistance" at the Wilma. apparently an upcoming NBC sitcom based on the characters is in the works. I thought the story was ok, but the Wilma put together a great set and it is cool seeing hi-tech theater. Also discovered discount Rush tix at the Wilma. +2

-Welcome Back NHL +5


Deaths of Hall of Famers Earl Weaver and Stan Musial. -10

2011 04 04 Earl Weaver's Retired #4


MAssKissing of Ray Lewis. It is amazing how the NFL has rebranded Lewis - Lance Armstrong will likely be iconicized in a decade -5.


Te'o Hoopla - I don't care about this story at all, except that everytime I hear a detail it makes me laugh like hell. push.

G-Bum scorecard

-3 for the week - largely due to the sad news we got on Stan the Man and Earl Weaver. Really it was a great weekend - ran around to much on Saturday, recovered on the couch with Football on Sunday. January don't get much better than that in the northeast. 


hiflew said...

Yeah the Ray Lewis stuff makes me sick. But there is no way the public ever forgives Armstrong. He took drugs and lied and I'll bet he ran over a puppy on his bike...Lewis only killed someone with his bare hands and went unpunished. That's much easier to forgive in today's sports culture.

Laurens said...

I hate it when Lance Armstrong is getting a bad rap - he only ruined the lives of anyone who dared to cross his path and expose his lies.

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