Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Introducing 2013 Phungo Cards!

It is a new year and everyone knows what that means - It's Phungo Card time!!

 2013 Phungo #1 Cole Hamels

It was tough to find the right guy to be the Phillies #1 card for the 2013 edition of Phungo Cards. There were few if any standouts for the 2012 PhilliesCarlos Ruiz had a great season but it was marred when his PED violation was revealed this fall. Ultimately Cole Hamels was the Phillies best player this past season.  This earned him the #1 card in the 2013 Phuugo set. His qualifications including leading the Phillies talented pitching staff in Wins, ERA, Strikeouts, and Innings

2013 Phungo Cards
I feel as though this years set is the best set we have ever produced. I really like the design - it is simple but sharp. The player name is prominent and the Photo is prominently featured.  There are several items that have become standard on Phungo Cards - notably the specific player position and the date of the game that was being played. The Phungo Signature appears in the bottom right along with the card number.

I realize the design is similar to 2000 Topps with the tab above the name echoing a similar element on the Topps card - I don't have a problem with that. 2000 Topps is a bit minimalist, but clean and that works for me. 

This years base set contains 70 cards - This is our largest set ever.  22 of the major leagues 30 teams are represented with most of the Photos being from within the last year.This is the 5th edition of Phungo cards which I have been producing since 2009. I think that I have finally created cards representing every team. 

In addition to the 70 base cards two insert sets returned there are 7 black framed inserts including our first blogger card.  The Jackie Robinson Retired Number Continuity returns for the third year with three new retired numbers added. 

You will be seeing a lot of 2013 Phungo cards over the next few weeks.  Let me know what you think of the design, photos, player selection or whatever other comments you may have. 


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