Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Phungo Cards - Lenny Dykstra

Nails once again remains noteworthy for all the wrong reasons.  
Lenny Dykstra's post Baseball Career spiral continues to spiral downward - earliar this week he was sentenced to 1-3 years in prison for a grand theft auto scheme. 
2012 Phungo #38 Lenny Dykstra
The photo on the above Phungo Card was taken at a card show last year.  Team Phungo doesn't have the budget to take part in the autograph portion of card shows, so I am typically banished beyond the rope.  My camera doesn't handle the low lighting of the expo center as well as I would liks and photos of guests in the center can be dicey.  This shot of Dykstra barely made the acceptable cut for a Phungo Card.
I loved Lenny when he played, During his early 90s tenure with the Phils he had one great year surrounded by a couple of decent ones which were generally tainted by injury.  Off the field his life has been a mess, and it bums me out.  I look at Dykstra and I see Allen Iverson, I also see a Post-Career Josh Hamilton.  There are a lot of enablers in their camps, but I wonder what happens when the money dries up. 
I hope Dykstra can escape his demons while serving time and comes out a recovered man.  I think it is more likely he emerges stating he's a changed man, ghost-writes a book, collects a million dollars, blows it all in a blink and winds up returning to squalor.  It's unfortunate but I honestly have a tough time seeing it end any other way. 

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