Monday, March 12, 2012

2012 Topps Opening Day Rack Jr

The always maligned Topps Opening Day release is live - 24 card Rack Packs Retail at Target for $3.19 (3.21 w/ combo of Target discount and PA sales Tax) - They are single packs and about 1/3 smaller then the Rack Packs for 2012 Topps, thus I have chosent to refer to them as Rack Juniors.  

The price point is slightly cheaper then 9.99 for a 72 card Hanger Pack of Topps Flagship.  The single packs are a dime more then a year ago at 1.09.  77 card blasters are $10.49 I believe.

Here is a glance of what you might find in your Rack Jr. 



Copare with 2012 Topps
Serialed Blue Parallels
Rookie Cups

Photo Shopping
Over the next couple weeks I plan on giving 2012 Topps Opening Day a little overanalysis by elaborating on some of the above cards - I am sure that is much more then TOD deserves. 


hiflew said...

Don't sell Opening Day short. I think it has looked better than the flagship set the past two years by removing the done to death foil names. Sure, it's inexpensive but since when was that a bad thing. Better looking and cheaper, sounds like a good deal to me.

flywheels said...

Do you plan on keeping that Longoria insert? I want to build that insert set. If it's available what would you want for it?

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