Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 Topps Heritage Retail Blaster Phils Cards

2012 Topps Heritage was available at my local Target in 3 configurations.  Blaster $19.99, Rack $5.29 and single packs at $3.19 I think.

Here are the Phils relate cards from the Blaster I picked up. 

2012 Topps Heritage #136 Jonahtan Papelbon

My first card of the offf-season catch as a Phil. 
2012 Topps Heritage #29 2012 Rookie Stars

This is the 2012 version of the card I referred to yesterday.  I believe this is the regular version (2012) while the 2011 version would be the variation.  Who knows?

2012 Topps Heritage #7 LL Pitching 
2012 Topps Heritage #13 Phillies Team

More floating heads League Leaders and the Team Card - that gives me 2 Phils Base cards out of 71 which is about the right ratio.

By The Numbers
1 Blaster Box
$20.15 (including PA Sales Tax minus 5% Target Discount)

71 cards
65 Short Set
67 Base Cards
4 Phils Related with 2 Phils Base Set Cards
1 sticker - M Cabrera 
2 High Numbers - K Seager, CarGo
1 Target Red Parallel - A Avila
1 T&N - M Bourn w/ Aparicio
1 NAP - T Lincecum)
1 NewsFlash - Alcatraz Closes

Will glance at some of the non-Phils over the next couple of weeks - intersperse those cards with some Opening Day postings. 

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Matthew Appleton said...

Apparently, there's a "1962" Rookie Stars variation as well:

(I post at 14,000 Phillies, but Blogger is having issues with OpenID comments.)

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