Saturday, March 31, 2012

Phun Cards Phungo Challenge - 2012 Chrome Mickey Mantle

We have a Phungo Challenge for this rather crummy looking Saturday here in the North East.

2012 Topps Bonus Chrome #MBC1 Mickey Mantle

Featured this card several times this week, so I am sure you have seen it plenty - at least those of  you that are reading Phungo when you should be working.

Your Phungo Challenge is to figure out what year the Photo on the above card was taken.

Hint:  Believe it or notl this is another example more gold in 2012 Topps. 

You can play even if your not in the gloomy northeast.  Winner gets added to the 2012 Phungo Challenge Wall of Fame and the complete reverence of the Phungo Readers.   

Oh and Go Flyers! will be watching hockey while being lazy this afternoon.


Jim said...

That photo was taken in 1951, based on the 50th Anniversary of the American League patch on the sleeve of the Commerce Comet.

Not watching the Phils this afternoon?

deal said...

Hey thanks for the Phils Heads up. FOr some reason, I thought they weren't on.

1951 is correct. More on this later.

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