Monday, March 5, 2012

Phungo Challenge: We have a Winner

from the comments and other posts I have read it appears these 06 racks are making the rounds in the discount bins.  Dawgbones got this one right off the bat - 1988.  There seem to be a fair concensus that these packs were loaded w/ the late 80s era cards. 

And that 1988 Card is:

1988 Topps #363 Willie Fraser

I figure Mr Fraser doesn't get to be a cover card in a post very often, so thought I would give him some ink here.  According to Baseball-Reference he was the 15th overall pick of the 1985 Draft (Featured Larkin and Bonds).  His career Highlight was likely a shutout of the Kansas City Royals on 6/13/1987.  His MLB career lasted until 1995 - he compiled 657 innings over 239 games which yielded a 38-40 career record.

The only additional info on his Wiki page is that following his MLB he Fraser pitched 3 seasons in Japan. 

His eight MLB seasons are estimated to have earned Fraser just over a million dollars. 

Congrats to Dawgbones the Winner of the 2nd Phungo Challenge of 2012

Phungo Challenge previous 2012 Winner

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The Angels In Order said...

Yeah! An Angel!

dawgbones said...

I'd like to thank the academy...

Hard to believe that something from 2 years AFTER I graduated is now considered "vintage"!! AndI would not have guessed that year if I had not purchased the pack earlier in the day!!

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a thousand words
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