Friday, March 2, 2012

Random Thoughts on Wilt's 100 Point Game

Here in Philadephia and througout the sporrts world we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Wilt Chamberlains 100 point game. 

I am not a big basketball historian but because of the heroics and oddities surrounding that game I tend to retain trivia regarding the Willt 100 game in the rolodex of my brain. 

Personal Connection
The game was played in Hershey rather then Philadelphia which makes the game an anomaly for that fact alone.  Hershey was the closest thing we had to an arena in south central PA - I probably was there for a dozen or so events as a youngster and the place holds a lot of memories.  My first Hockey game was certainly there, First College Hoop gm - Penn St v Maryland - Greg Manning shot out hte lights as the Terps romped.  And also I saw One of my first concerts there, Crosby Still and Nash.  In the last 20 years I think I have only seen my alma mater play in one game and that was a Basketball State Playoff game in Hershey Arena - They lost.  

But they may have played on the same court that Wilt had his 100 point game on.  I don't think Hershey Arena is in use as a basketball stadium anymore. 

Apparenlty the basketball floor was salvaged.   

And tonight you can get a piece of it at the Sixers game.  pretty cool promotion.  everyone admitted gets a 2"x2" square from the floor.  I checked this AM and tix were still available.  StubHub had tix for as little as $20.  Pretty nice promotion - you can get a pretty nice piece of history for the cost of a blaster.   

Random Info on Wilts 100. 
There is apparently no Video of the game and the only audio of the game, which feature Bill Campbell, was "discovered" relatively recently. 
No one knows how the 99th and 100th points were scored 
According to Elias the highest 2 teamate scores in any one game doesn't break 100 in any other game. 

Kobe's 80 pt performance a few years ago is the 2nd highest point total in a game - this means the 1 and 2 highest scoring games were accomplished by Philadelphians. 

The 100 written on a piece of paper and held by Chamberlain in the iconic photo was written by
Sixers Statistician Haarvey Pollack.  Pollack is accepted as the father of basketball statistics and came up with many of the stats in use today.  He was honored the 76ers with a bobblehead a few years ago, I think he may also hold the Wordl Record for consecutive days wearing different T-Shirts or something like that.

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