Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oaks Card Show Express Report

The Oaks Card Show has free admission on the first day, I only had a small window but decided to pop in since the price was right.  Here is a brief synopsis of very off-condition vintage cards that were found - Lots of 1951 Bowman.  

 1951 Bowman #256 Ken Silvestri 

1951 Bowman #260 Carl Erskine
1951 Bowman #56 Ralph Branca
1951 Bowman #122 Joe Garagiola  
1966 Topps #195 Joe Morgan

1960 Topps #173 Billy Martin 
1963 Topps #439 Don Zimmer

The 1951 Bowman Cards were $1.00 each as was the '66 Joe Morgan.  The Martin and Zimmer were in a 3 for a buck bin. 

The 1966 Topps Joe Morgan is his 2nd year Card and the first card of his where he appears solo.  It is in ok condition - some creasing.     

The Silvestri and Erskine cards are both HI numbers in the 51 Bowman series.  Any Bowman Brooklyn Dodger is probably worth a buck unless it is in really horrible condition.

Joe Garagiola was a big part of my youth as he commentated on the game of the week when I was a kid.  Glad to have finally picked up one of his cards. 

So yeah I had a real successful show on Friday and fully intend to get back to the show for a fuller day on Sunday.   


Dhoff said...

Great deals on the Bowman vintage, on all the cards. Wish I could find '51 Bowman for a buck, no matter the condition.

I have a few vintage Bowman Phillies kicking around that you might need. Let me know if you're interested.

Tom said...

Wow... 60+ year old cards featuring players I've actually read about and heard of... for a buck?

Man, I'm going to the wrong card shows.

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