Monday, June 30, 2008

2008 06 29 Phillies @ Rangers

Phils lose sixth series in a row giving them a 5-13 record over the last 18 games. 5-13 is how the team has started the last couple of seasons. They have absorbed those bad stretches and had relatively decent years. Now we will have to find out how they recover from having a crummy stretch in the middle of the season.
There has been talk of skipping Brett Myers start this week. I don't think you can really skip his turn- Phils play 13 days in a row starting Tuesday (7/1) and running through the AS break. You could flip Hamels and Myers. This would mean that Hamels would get 3 starts between now and the break, and Myers would only get two. That is a change worth making. Also it would break up the starts by back to back lefthanders in the rotation, which is potentially beneficial.
Plus - Phils done with Interleague play.
Minus - Phils still struggle to score runs.

Shenanigans - How comes a pitcher gets credit for a complete game if he is on the losing side of a game and pitches 8 innings, but he cannot get a no-hitter if he doesn't give up any hits in that loss. Seems like a contradiction to me.
Meh - Am I having having hallucinations or was UEFA cup Soccer being covered by ABC??
Around the League - The Rosters for the Futures Game have been announced. Several Phillies made the Roster including Carlos Carrasco, Lou Marson, Jason Donald, and Greg Golson. Carrasco will play for the World team, The rest of the players will be featured on the US team.
Off the Diamond - Locally was at the improved Victory Brew Pub this weekend. Much Bigger, Good Grub, Great Beer.
On Deck - Los Bravos in Atlanta again. Time to get back on the right track against some NL East Foes.

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