Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Phungo Cards Bryce Harper

2012 Phungo #15 Bryce Harper

I made it to two of Harper's game last season, both for AA Harrisburg.  The picture on his 2012 Phungo Card above was taken at a game he played versus the Reading Phillies.  My impressions of that game are here.

The nature of the long season of Baseball makes it hard to judge a player from a single game or series.  In  the two games I saw, Harper had one strongly hit ball a Flyout deep to the RCF alley that was caught on the track.  He was just beginning to play LF and had trouble coming in on balls.  He was fast on the basepaths and I would think that skill would translate to the OF. 

The other game I saw him play was in July for Harrisburg versus the Akron Aeroes - My game report on that game here.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oaks Card Show Express Report

The Oaks Card Show has free admission on the first day, I only had a small window but decided to pop in since the price was right.  Here is a brief synopsis of very off-condition vintage cards that were found - Lots of 1951 Bowman.  

 1951 Bowman #256 Ken Silvestri 

1951 Bowman #260 Carl Erskine
1951 Bowman #56 Ralph Branca
1951 Bowman #122 Joe Garagiola  
1966 Topps #195 Joe Morgan

1960 Topps #173 Billy Martin 
1963 Topps #439 Don Zimmer

The 1951 Bowman Cards were $1.00 each as was the '66 Joe Morgan.  The Martin and Zimmer were in a 3 for a buck bin. 

The 1966 Topps Joe Morgan is his 2nd year Card and the first card of his where he appears solo.  It is in ok condition - some creasing.     

The Silvestri and Erskine cards are both HI numbers in the 51 Bowman series.  Any Bowman Brooklyn Dodger is probably worth a buck unless it is in really horrible condition.

Joe Garagiola was a big part of my youth as he commentated on the game of the week when I was a kid.  Glad to have finally picked up one of his cards. 

So yeah I had a real successful show on Friday and fully intend to get back to the show for a fuller day on Sunday.   

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Phungo 5 with Wrigley Wax

The Phillies return home this weekend for a 4 game set with the Chicago Cubs.  Today we talk with Wrigley Wax who fills us in on both the Cubs and the classic Chicago Dog.      
See Below for an explanation

1) The Cubs 2012 season is off to a rough start.  What would you like to see happen this year to consider this campaign a success?   

I want to see the culture change that Theo keeps talking about.  I want to see smart, heads up play and lots of hustle.  I know there's going to be a bunch of losses this year, but if I at least see a change in attitude, that will make the losses more bearable.  I'd also like to see Starlin Castro's defense catch up to his offense.  But the ultimate success of the season would be if Theo can find a team to take Alfonso Soriano off our hands.  

2) In the three years that you have been publishing Complete Set Prices, have you seen a set that has consistently risen or declined in sale price?    
It's strange, but there's no consistency with the price of any of the sets.  They all seem to fluctuate pretty wildly. I've attached a chart (below) for each of the four decades I cover.  They all look like some crazy mountain range, going up and down.  
1970s Card Set Prices Graph

3) Last week the Red Sox did a nice job celebrating Fenway 100.  What would you like to see as part of Wrigley 100? 
I really liked the way the Red Sox brought back all the living former players for a celebration...I'd like to see the Cubs do something similar.  The Red Sox celebration was when their biggest rival, the Yankees were in town....and then the Yankees put a damper on things by winning.  I hope the Cubs can have a patsy in town when they celebrate.  Unfortunately, right now the Cubs are the patsy everyone else wants to schedule.  The big question for me is when do you celebrate Wrigley 2014 when the park turns 100, or in 2016, celebrating the Cubs 100 seasons at Wrigley.  When ever they decide to celebrate, the ultimate would be to raise a World Series championship flag at the same time (I can dream, can't I?).

4) Who would be the Cubs starting pitcher on their alll 2000s team.  
If you go by one season, it would have to be Mark Prior, who absolutely dominated during the 2003 season.  If you want someone who covers the decade, it would be Carlos Zambrano.  He was the decade leader in wins, games started, innings pitched, strikeouts, and psychotic episodes.

5) Which is the bigger culinary contribution Chicago Style Pizza or the Chicago Hot Dog?  
For me, its the Chicago Dog.  The pizza has so many different variations, but there's only one Chicago Dog....Vienna Beef Wiener on a poppy seed bun, mustard, neon green relish, onions, tomatos, dill pickle slice, celery salt, and sport peppers (though I usually skip the peppers) and NO KETCHUP.    MMMMMMMMMM!!   

Great to see Mark Prior's name in print here - also I would like to mention Alfonso Soriano has to rank with the best signings that the Phillies DID NOT make.  I would probably pick Pizza over the Chicago Dog, but I can certnaly enjoy both.  5 out of 5 for Wrigley Wax. 
Looking Back. 
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CSA Card Show at Oaks this Weekend - Freddy Galvis, Ralph Kiner, Bob Boone, Mike Vick, Chuck Bednerick and More

Collectors Showcase of America returns to the Expo Center in Oaks - roughly 45 mins outside of Philadelphia on April 27th. 

I generally enjoy the CSA show more then the Hunt Auction/PhillyShow - Admission is cheaper ($5 rather than $7 or $8), parking is typically better.  The Valley Forge Convention Center can get really insane for parking.  Usually CSA offers an interesting complimentry auto, although this time out there doesn't appear to be one, and CSA also offers FREE admission on Friday

This weekends show is largely a football show for autographs, but they will be hosting Hall of Famer Ralph Kiner, Phils Alum and 1980 WSC Bob Boone, new Phils infielder Freddy Galvis and Dickie Noles (1980 WSC).  Kiner will be at the show on Sunday, with the Phillies appearing on Saturday.     

2010 Phungo #48 Dickie Noles

Among the Notable Football players are Chuck Bednarick (HoF), Mike Vick, Jeremiah Trotter, Mike Quick and Jack Butler(HoF).  

Heads up for anyone looking for good+ condtion vintage, I ran into one of my favorite dealers last wkend and he said he will be at the Oaks show - he had a bunch of nice looking early 60s cards to move.

Right now I am thinking team Phungo will be their late afternoon on Friday, and possibly Sunday. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2010 Phungo Cards - Ivan Rodriguez

Yesterday we published the 2011 Phungo card of Ivan Rodriguez.  Today we have his 2010 card. 

2010 Phungo #7 Ivan Rodriguez

This is more of an action shot which was taken in Baltimore.   This is not actually a live game action shot.  Had Pudge been tossing out a runner at 2nd, I am sure his catchers mask would be rotated around toward the near side of Rodriguez's head.  Here he is throwing down to 2nd following the pitchers warm up tosses preceding an inning.

Hall of Fame 

For me Ivan Rodriguez is a First Ballot Hall of Famer, Let's look at the Numbers

World Champion - 2003 Marlins (over the Yankees)
1999 AL MVP, 14 time All-Star, 13 Gold Gloves, and 7 Silver Sluggers.
311 Homers, 2844 Hits, .296 Career Average. 
2427 Games Caught (Most all-time)

Those are great numbers at any position, but at Catcher they are quite impressive. 

Phungo Games
By my count, I was able to catch I-Rod in 7 games including the 1996 All-Star game.  Rodriguez's teams  came out on the winning side on 3 of those 7 games.  Rodriguez Hit well in those games 9 for 27 with a pair of Home Runs.

Farewell and best of luck to Ivan Rodriguez - I am glad that I was able to see parts of his great career.

Sources and Links
2010 Phungo Cards Checklist
Ivan Rodriguez HOF Index 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2011 Phungo Cards - Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan Rodriguez officially announced his retirement Monday.  This marked the end of his 21 year playing career during which, I saw him play several times. 

2011 Phungo #21 Ivan Rodriguez

There are two Phungo cards of Pudge.  Multiple Phungo cards is pretty rare for a player that was never a member of the Phillies or Orioles.  This is the latter of the two cards and is from the 2011 set.

The Photo was take during BP of the Phillies 2010 home opener.  The card number is 21, which is a nod to Rodriguez's fellow coutnrymen Roberto Clemente.

Sources and Links
2011 Phungo Card Checklist
Ivan Rodriguez HOF Index  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Card Show Report 2012 04 21 - Neshaminy Mall

1967 Topps #460 Harmon Killebrew
1967 Topps #480 Willie McCovey
1967 Topps #500 Juan Marichal

On Saturday I hit the local card show at the Neshaminy Mall.  It surprisingly turned out to be one of the better Mall shows I have been to here.  This show had a bunch of things I liked.  at least a dozen, maybe 20 dealers.  Several of them brought Vintage - so many had bargain vintage that I barely glanced at the dime Boxes. 

Faux Blaster

Instead of picking up a a Blaster of Gypsy Queen or Heritage at some big Corporate Big Box store here is what I put my $20 directly back into the economy by passing it on to a bunch of crumudgeons selling cards at the show...Ok they aren't all crumudgeons - but...well you've been to card shows before.
Base Cards
Big old Stack of 1971 Topps
I have been sort of working on this set in the back of my head.  But this haul should bring actively building the set more to the fore.  These are mostly commons, over 100 mostly in the lower series' but at 12/$1 they could not be passed up.  Couiple of semi-stars Dock Ellis, Messersmith, Rico Carty, Ken Brett and a few Semi-Hi numbers.  Those went for $11.  
In addition to the 1967 Hall of Famers at the top of the post, I found 3 other HoF cards from various years.  
1963 Topps #43 Veteran Masters Casey Stengel & Gene Woodling
1957 Topps #59 Dick Williams
1957 Topps #85 Larry Doby

The three cards above came out of 2 separate $1 bins.  The 1967 Topps HoF cards also went for a buck.  Not only are Killebrew, Stretch, and Marichal Hall of Famers, but those cards are in a Semi-High Series.  Pulling those cards in at a buck each is like stealing.

1957 Topps #374 Don Cardwell
1963 Topps #551 Billy Klaus
1966 Topps #506 Bo Belinsky

The Three Phils are all Hi or Semi-Hi numbers.  Bo Belinsky is sort of a semi-star Hi number. 

There you have it for the same price as a Blaster, I picked up over a hundred 1971 Topps cards PLUS 9 Vintage Hits all featuring Hall of Famers or High Numbers. 

Definitely a Good Show! 

Willie McCovey Index

The very FIRST ever PHUNGO Golf Card !!!

Enjoy being out on the Links early this year Sid. 

2010 Phungo #09 Sidney Crosby

Go Flyers!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Phun Cards 1994 Topps #180 George Brett - Work of Art?? and a PHUNGO CHALLENGE!!!

When I first got back into collecting, I (and many others) read Ben Henry's The Baseball Card Blog.  He introduced me to the concept of Baseball Cards as more than just Cards, but as "Tiny Works of Art".  

This 1994 Topps Card of Hall of Famer George Brett falls into the Work of Art category for me. 

1994 Topps #180 George Brett

The 1994 Topps Set is rarely discussed.  I am sure there are several reasons for this.  1994 is the year of the big baseball strike and the 2 time reigning World Champions were a foreign team, the Toronto Blue Jays.  

Looking at it today it is a solid design.  There is a subtle Home Plate frame to the photo which likely appears no more perfectly on any card then on this one.  It proportions at a perfect angles to the giant Kauffman Stadium scoreboard. 

I generally dislike pictures from behind the player, but the scorebard and the HoF starpower of George Brett make this on and interesting shot.  George Brett, The Scoreboard, and a complimentry design put this card in the Work of Art category for me.

Phungo Challenge
There is so much information it is almost too easy for a Phungo Challenge but I will put it out there for all you Baseball-Reference freaks - What game is the photo from?  My scan is a bit blurry - you may want to check the Baseball Card Database image.  

For The Collector
I am pretty sure this 1994 Topps Card can be found in a Dime Box.  Not bad for a work of art.  Brett's Topps Rookie Card is from the 1975 set.  The Low recent ebay auction for the card closed at $9.50 shipped - decent condition although a very dinged up corner.  There were about a half dozen auctions for the card that ended at $15 and under.  A BVG Gem Mint 9.5 card came in at a whopping $2530.25.  Dozens of Good and Up Slabs sold for between $100 and $200

The lowest price card auto I found for Brett was $26.55 for a sticker auto 2004 SP Prospects (#d/50).  That was the lone auto produced by a major manufacturer that was going for under $40.  It was a bit disappointing to see that none of the George Brett Auto Cards that I saw were particularly nice looking

Links & Sources
Phungo George Brett HoF Index

Friday, April 20, 2012

Phungo 5 with Padrographs

The Phillies early season west coast swing continues with a trip to San Diego.  Today we check in with Rod from Padrographs, our books and baseball man on the west coast.

1) Do you think that Cameron Maybin is a Future All-Star?   
Cameron Maybin maybe an all star because is the only one with any name recognition for people to vote on.  Or he will be chosen as the Padres lone rep this year.      

2) Do you collect any specific team from the Pre Padres era?
there was baseball before 1969, seriously though I collect a few players from pre 69, notably Rube Wadell

3) Did Bruce Bochy managing the Giants get you to root for them in the World Series?
 Bruce Bochy didn't, the fact that Tim Flannery is the third baseball coach did.
1984 Topps #684 Tim Flannery (image from Baseball Card Database

4) What is the Best Baseball Book you have read in the last year? 

5) Who would play your charater on "Portlandia"
John Kruk could play me on Portlandia, 95% of which is true.  

easy 4 out of 4 - I will withhold the Cameron Maybin point for a bit.  However, the assumption that the mandatory team rep will end up making Maybin an All-Star is quite likely.  What more can you ask for out of a P5 - we have Rube Wadell, John Kruk, Tim Flannery and Willie Mays!

But most importantly I am very pleased to find out that "Portlandia" is closer to documentry than fiction


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Happy 100th Birthday Fenway Park and GO CHECK OUT THE BASEBALL CARD BLOG

For anyone that is relatively new to reading card blogs GO AND READ THE BASEBALL CARD BLOG

Way back in the beginning for me there was DayF at Cardboard Junkie, Chris at Stale Gum, Gellman at SCU, and Ben Henry at The Baseball Card Blog.  Ben has been less prolific recently, but right now he is putting up a series of postings celebrating the 100th birthday of Fenway Park by posting 100 cards that feature Fenway. 

How cool is that - It's a timely, creative and fun use of blogging. 

2011 Topps Opening Day #90 Chase Utley

This is one of several 2011 cards featuring Chase Utley at Fenway. For a look at more Chase at Fenway check out this posting over at the Phillies Room.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Phun Cards - 2007 vs Now - Charlie's Not So "Young" Sluggers

At this moment this card would really be filed under Not so Phun Cards. 

2007 Topps Heritage #368 Charlie's Young Sluggers

After he Phils 1-0 Loss to the Giants late Wednesday Night they found thenselves in LAST PLACE.  It has been 5 years since the Phils had a stranglehold on the bottom spot in the NL East.  Much of the poor start is due to their rather punchless offense. 

This brings us to the 2007 Heritage Card above, which was released, yes 5 years ago.  Featured on the card are the Phillies two YOUNG sluggers.  Well, half a decade passes quickly in a baseball career - here in 2012 Ryan Howard and Chase Utley are no longer young.  They are both on the DL and nobody seems to know when they will return....  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dick Clark 1929-2012

1993 Collect-a-Card American Bandstand #1 Dick Clark 

This is the first card of a 100 card set dedicated to American Bandstand.   This is a fun 100 card set with a bunch of odd cards of bands featured on Bandstand during the shows run.  If we have the time, and anyone is interested, I will post a couple of cards from this set over the next couple o days.

2011 Phungo Cards - Jamie Moyer

I wanted to take a timeout to recognize Phungo Phavorite and all-around good guy Jamie Moyer on becoming the oldest pitcher to record a Win in a Major League game.   Moyer went 7 strong for the Rockies last night in their 5-3 victory over the Padres.  The two runs that Moyer gave up were partially due to an error by Troy Tulowitzki on a routine grounder.

2011 Phungo #50 Jamie Moyer

It was career win number 268 for Moyer, tying him for 35th all-time with Jim Palmer.

Photo on the above Phungo Card was from prior to a game in 2007 - On many of Moyer's off days he would go from dugout to foul pole signing autographs.  This is one of several reasons I frequently salute Moyer as part of the Good Guy Club. 

Congrats to Jamie on the victory, and I hope he racks up a few more.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Phungo Cards - Jackie Robinson

This past weekend MLB honored Jackie Robinson on the 65th aniversary of his Major League debut.  I always enjoy Jackie Robinson Day and seeing all the players in the number-42 uniforms.

In the 2011 Phungo Card release we introduced a retired number set whihc I envsion as a continuity series.  Each year I would like to include a few Retired Numbers from different stadiums.  Each year I would like to also feature a Jackie Robinson card as his number is retired by every major league team.

2012 Phungo Retired Number #42-WASa Jackie Robinson

This is from the Washington Nationals former home, RFK Stadium.  It is hard to believe that the MLB Jackie Robinson number retirement has been part of baseball for 15 years.

I have a handful of photos from stadiums that no longer host Major League Baseball, this is one of them.  I was only there for Baseball once, the day of the Nationals final game at the ballpark, September 23, 2007.  The Nats beat the Philllies that day in a game the Phils needed.  Fortunately the Phils did win the following Sunday to squeeze into the playoffs on the final day of the season.

The final pitch at RFK was thrown by Chad Codero, the Batter was Jayson Werth who is now with the Nationals. 

2011 Phungo Cards Retired Number - Jackie Robinson

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Phungo 5 with Paul's Random Baseball Stuff

The Phillies and Mets once again renew their rivalry this weekend.  The Mets are off to a quick start despite dealing with some tough circumstances.  Today we check in with Paul's Random Baseball Stuff to find out what is going on with the Metropolitans. 

1) Should the Mets retire Gary Carter's Number?  

No. The time to do it was in 2001 when they inducted him into the Mets Hall of Fame or in 2003 when he was elected to Cooperstown. For whatever reason, they chose not to. (To be fair, Carter only played for the Mets for five seasons, and he was only an elite-level star for two of them.) I think if the Mets want to do something now, they should consider a statue or naming some part of the ballpark in Carter's honor.
2) If I am at Citifield where is the best place to get cards signed? 

I've had a little bit of luck waiting by the railing just past first or third base and asking the pitchers when they come in from their throwing before the game, but it's tough to get cards signed at Citi Field. If you're really good at spotting players in their street clothes, you might be able to catch a few guys on the way into the ballpark before the game, but that makes for a really long day.

3) Who is going to benefit most by the lowered Left Field Wall

I think David Wright will benefit the most from Citi Field's new dimensions - the original ones seemed to get in his head.
4) Have you ever considered using a baseball Scorekeeping app on your phone?

Yes, I'm curious about how they'd work. Can anyone offer recommendations? I have to admit that I'm partial to pencil and paper, though.

5) Who has the best Minor League Ball Park Food?
The teams I see most often offer the typical ballpark fare.  Last year, the Newark Bears partnered with an Italian place to offer things like meatball sandwiches - they were good, but weren't necessarily put together in a way that made them easy to eat at the ballpark. 

5 for 5.  The Gary Carter question is a tough one,  PRS covers all the bases here.  He is a key player to one the 2 Mets championships, but his career in New York was quite short.  This seems pretty common among Mets players as they have only a few retired numbers.  I agree with PRS on the scorekeeping.  I think I would rather do it by hand, but I am interested to see how scorekeeping on a Phone would work. 

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Professional Ultimate Comes to Philadelphia

On Saturday April 14th Professional Ultimate Frisbee will be come a reality!

And you, Yes YOU, Can get tickets to see the Inaugural game of Philadelphia's newest Professional Sports Franchise - The Philadelphia Spinners.

The Philadelphia Spinners are one of eight charter members of the AUDL (American Ultimate Disc League) which is hosting their innaugural season in 2012.
The Spinners debut game is scheduled for 8pm, Saturday April 14th at Historic Franklin Field on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.  Their opponent will be the division rival Buffalo Hunters.
This is your opportunity to see the very first game of the Philadelphia Spinners and the debut of a brand new sports league. 
It is also a chance to check out Franklin Field - Home of U-Penn Football for the last century, many an Army-Navy Game, site of the Historic Penn Relays
Tickets to games are a bargain at $14 and they are avaiable for all games.
The AUDL has teams representing the following areas:  Conneticut, Rhode Island, Indianappolis, Buffalo, Columbus, Detroit, and Lexington Kentucky.
This Weekend games are being hosted by Rhode Island, Columbus, Bluegrass Revolution (Lexington KY)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

2010 04 09 - Phillies Home Opener v Miami Marlins

This one didn't go as well as the O's opener on Friday.  Weather wasn't as good, no long wkend to look forward to afterward, and the Phils lost.  The Phillies Offensive sputtered once again on Monday as they only managed 2 runs which occurred late in the game as the Phils fell 6-2 to the rebranded Miami Marlins. 


Austin Kearns Home Run Trot (click to enlarge)

The Marlins pretty much owned the day so we open with one of their new players.  

Starting Lineups Anthem and the Big Flag.

Cole Hamels

Wasn't Cole's day, nor the Phils.  But it was still a good day.  Bad day at the ballpark is better than most any day in the office.  Go Phils!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 04 06 Opening Day Snapshots: Twins at Orioles

Team Phungo was lucky enough to go to two Opening Days this year.  First up was the Orioles and Twins season opener.  The O's took the game 4-2 behind a strong pitching performance by starter Jake Arrieta who tossed 7 scoreless for the Birds.  Nick Markakis posted a Homer and a triple with 3 RBIs.  The Twins offensive hilight was a Josh Willingham dinger in the 9th.

Rick Sutcliffe and Chris Hoiles following Ceremonial First Pitch.  Buck Showalter lookis on from the dugout. 

Jake Arrieta demonstrates his fine form.  (click to enlarge)

Twins starting lineup sans Mauer who was in the bullpen  (Click to enlarge)

Beautiful day, Good Friends and a Win.  Team Phungo was very happy with the 2012 Orioles opener....Next Up Phillies Home Opener - spoiler alert - it didn't go as well...

Phungo 5 with 30-Year Old Cardboard

Note - The interview below was conducted prior to the Marlins eventful day yesterday and we really didn't discuss Mr Guillen here. 

Opening Day has come and gone and despite the Marlins spoiling the Team Phungo Home Opener outing, we are going to check in with Brian at 30-Year Old Cardboard and see what is going on with the franchise that now goes by the Miami Marlins.

1) Have you adjusted to saying Miami Marlins
I'm getting there.  I prefer to call my team 'The Fish' so it works out nicely for me as the team mascot has not changed.  Still, there are times when I have to do a double-take when I see someone wearing the new gear.

2) How many items do you expect to add to the Andre Dawson collection this year? 
As many as I can.  My main goal is to get to 1,000 unique cards.  I think I will hit that goal by the summer.  I have some ideas for some new inscribed baseballs that I would like to add to my collection, and I am going to try to bring home a few surprises too...

3) Do Marlins fans really care about the retiring and unretiring of the #5?
Not in the least bit.  If #5 was worn by a former Marlins legend it would be a different story - to be honest very few people even knew that it had been retired in the first place.  My guess is that the only people upset about it were the ones that bought LoMo's #20 jerseys and t-shirts.

4) Since you cover both the Cubs and Marlins, Is Carlos Zambrano more of a Loss for the Cubs or a Gain for the Marlilns?
Definitely a gain for the Marlins.  He did very little constructive work for the Cubs at the end of his tenure in Chicago.  And while they were probably happier to get rid of him than we may have been to pick him up, I would certainly welcome any opportunity to see if a former dominant hurler could re-capture his spark on my team!!!
2012 Phungo #28 Carlos Zambrano

5) Jimmy Buffet troubador or buffoon?

He is a good guy.  And I like that he speaks his mind.  Plus, he has great taste in sports teams.   LOL

5 of 5 - Great answer regarding Logan Morrison picking up the #5 Jersey - We absolutely must give a salute to anyone that can build a player collection of a thousand cards for a single player.

The Buffet following sometimes baffles me, but 30YOC brings up a valid point about how the man handles himself.  I do admit I was impressed with the man the one time I saw him concert.  Side Note:  I once saw the Coral Reefer Band (Sans Jimmy) do the National Anthem at Camden Yards.

Looking Back
2010 Phungo 5 with 30-Year Old Cardboard
2009 Phungo 5 with 30-Year Old Cardboard

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Parallels from 2012 Topps Heritage

Topps Heritage is out with another set of parallels.  I think these were out last year - 3 Pack blister package of Heritage with a bonus of  3 "black" parallel cards.  The Blisters ran $9.49+Tax at Target.  Which is roughly a dime discount off buying 3 individual retail packs.  The 3 bonus cards make the blisters a slightly better deal then Rack Packs.

I think these looked a little sharper in the 2011 Heritage, but judge for yourself.

The Halladay Card is an insert of course.  The other 3 cards are the black Parallels. Nice to get a Phil among the bonus cards and also get one as an insert among the packs. 

 Other Phils (Utley, Cliff Lee) that were in the 3 packs, plus 2 high numbers - Ike Davis, Asdrubal Cabrera. 
 Blister Pack w/ Mr Longoria's face flashed out.

2012 04 09 Noteworthy Snapshot: Ozzie Guillen & Charlie Manuel - Phillies Home Opener

Ozzie Guillen is all over the news today.

Here is a snapshot of Guillen w/ Phillies Manger Charlie Manuel prior to Monday's Phillies Home Opener.

2012 04 09 Ozzie Guillen and Charlie Manuel 

Looks like it Ozzie will not be part of the remaining two games of the series as he has been suspended by the Marlins.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Junk of the Month - March - 2012 Topps Heritage Rookie Stars

 Junk of the Month goes to All 4 of these Heritage Rookie Star Cards.

(click to enlarge)
 2012 Topps Heritage #407 Rookie Stars
2012 Topps Heritage #29 Rookie Stars (DeFratus - Savery)
2012 Topps Heritage #321 Rookie Stars
2012 Topps Heritage #253 Rookie Stars

This post is an ode to the ridiculousness of having a single player on mutliple rookie cards.  At least I can play a fun game of How do you get from Brad Peackock to Nate Spears in 3 moves or less (just follow the arrows) 

Looking Back

Junk of the Month - February
Junk of the Month - January 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opening Day Notes - Phillies AND Orioles

The Phillies got their season off to a good start today, winning a pitchers duel 1-0 over the cross-state rival Pittsburgh Pirates.  Hopefully the Phils figure out a way to score some more runs this year, but a Win is a Win and I am sure they will take it.

Team Phungo will be doing an Opening Day tour this weekend.  First off, on Friday we will be at Camden Yards checking in with those Baltimore Orioles as they host the Minnesota Twins.

Then on Monday we plan on checking in with the local 9 as they host the brand new Miami Marlins (who can't buy a run right now)

If your going to be at either game let me know - love to check in w/ some other collectors and bloggers.

To celebrate Opening Day and Today's W, we are posting this Shane Victorino Topps Opening Day Card

 2010 Topps Opening Day Shane Victorino.  

Go O's Go Phils!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Opening Day Phungo 5 with Pirates Treasure Room

Opening Day is less then 24 hours away and we have Pittsburgh Treasure Room in the house to get us fired up for the beginning of the 2012 season as the Phils square off against their cross state rival.  PTR is a loyal Bucos fan who already has seen the Pirates both in the grapefruit and earliar this week in the On-Deck series here in Philadelphia. 

1) How often does a Pirates fan based outside of Pittsburgh get to see his favorite squad?
 I subscribe to MLB.TV and get to see the Bucs play every single game that's televised.  I also have the AtBat ap on my phone so when I'm on the road I can listen to the Bucs.  As for actually going to the games, I normally try to make a weekend trip to see the Pirates play in Spring Training.  The Pirates and Phillies have been having exhibition games as part of spring training in Philadelphia for a couple years now and I normally attend at least one of those games.  I will go to see the Pirates play locally against the Phillies, Mets, and Orioles based upon the schedule and normally head out 6 hours west to PNC Park a couple times a year, normally mid summer.  There's several minor league affiliates within an hour's drive from me that I also try to check out the Pirates AA or AAA teams play a couple times a year so I can see the future Pirates in action.

2) The Pirates have struggled to win for a number of years now, Are there any players who's cards (auto/vintage) are bargains because of this?
I wouldn't necessarily say that there's any major bargains on specific players based upon the Pirates struggles over the past decades.  I do have a few player collections and think that those players are undervalued to the masses because of their time spent playing for the Pirates.  Players like Andy Van Slyke who won 5 consecutive gold gloves and does not sign TTM make his auto more rare than other gold gloved centerfielders from recent times, yet his certified autographs can always be had for less than a discount blaster.  A lot of the Pirates from the 1979 We Are Family World Championship team have rookie cards very cheap and Bill Madlock autographs can be had on average for 2 2012 Heritage packs.  That's a bargain if you ask me considering that he won 4 batting titles and was a WS Champion.  I recently picked up his rookie for $1 which I was very happy about.  Even the HOF Pirates like Kiner and Stargell seem to be undervalued, but I wouldn't call them bargains.

3) Do you have a problem with the Pirates and Phils playing the last 2 games of spring training versus each other and then immediately following it with games that count across the state?
I have no problem at all with the last 2 games of spring training being played in Philly each year.  It gives me an extra chance to see my beloved Bucs.
2011 Phungo #22 Andrew McCutchen

4) Does Starling Marte make is Major League Debut before or after July 20th.  And what position do you see him playing.  
Starling Marte lit it up in a small sample size in spring training.  However, he hasn't played above AA and it's recommended that he continue to develop his pitch recognition in the minors due to his lack of walking and plate discipline.  I truly think that Marte's MLB debut will be based more on what the combination of Tabata, Presley, and McLouth are doing in the majors than what Marte is doing in the minors.  If all those guys are hitting .280 without striking out a lot, Marte could spend the entire season in the minors.  For the first time since the early 90s, the Pirates have a strong outfield and help coming from the minors.  If a team needs an outfielder, I suspect Presley or McLouth will be traded to make room for Marte's debut.  The nice thing about the Pirates outfield depth is that each of them can play left, center, or rightfield very well (McLouth even won a gold glove in 2008 with the Pirates).  If anyone thinks though that Marte is going to force McCutchen out of center, you're crazy.  The Pirates will keep Cutch in CF for the next 6 years barring an injury.  I know that Jose Tabata has a lot of respect for Roberto Clemente and would prefer to play right which means that Marte will likely be the left fielder if Presley or McLouth are moved to make Marte's debut.

5) Do French Fries belong on a salad? 
Absolutely not!  This interview is over.

I love hearing about folks that make signficant trips to see their teams as often as possible.  Also enjoyed hearing Andy Van Slyke mentioned, he might not be a TTM signer, but he was always good for a funny quote during his short stint with the Phils. 
I have to give PTR a red X for not enjoying Fries on a salad.  For those of you unfamiliiar the Pittsburgh Salad, is among the "healthiest" out there - distinguished by being topped with Fries and often Steak.  Regardless Pirates Treasue Room delivers a 3 for 4 performance and we will be awaiting the outcome of the Starling Marte question during the season. 

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