Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dallas Green 1934-2017

Today we got the sad news that Dallas Green has died. I had heard he was very ill several months ago, yet it is still a bummer to get the official word.

2014 Phungo #46 Dallas Green

Never got around to posting this 2014 Phungo Card. The photo was taken during the Phillies Alumni weekend in 2013. Green can be seen greeting Gary Matthews. Johnny Briggs and Gene Garber are the players in the foreground.

In 1999 Dallas Green came to speak at the Chester County Historical Society to help promote a baseball exhibition at the museum. The above poster for the event hangs in my baseball card room right above my sorting table.

I don't remember a lot of what he said but he did mention that after his playing career was over he earned his Master Degree at University of Delaware. He also noted that Wayne Gomes was not a closer. My guess is that Green spoke for about an hour and then signed autographs for anyone who was present. When I met him we had a brief discussion about the G3-1 play.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Team Israel WBC Hero Josh Zeid: 2011 Bowman Platinum Prospects #BPP23

Team Phungo coming out of hibernation for a quick post.

Our return is to honor former Phillies Farmhand Josh Zeid.

Josh Zeid: 2011 Bowman Platinum Prospects #BPP23 (xfractor)

Never thought I would find a reason to post this card of Zeid. He is make some noise pitching for the surprising Israel squad in the WBC. Team Israel advanced out of Pool A and remains undefeated one game into the 2nd round of the tournament.

The Phillies traded Zeid to Houston as part of the Hunter Pence deal. He eventually made it to the majors with the Astros with mixed results. He is currently a free agent, The WBC is basically an audition for the 29 year old pitcher - and appears to be going well as of now.
Josh Zeid: 2011 Bowman Platinum Prospects #BPP23 (chrome)
Josh Zeid: 2011 Bowman Platinum Prospects #BPP23 (xfractor)

The top card on this post is an x-Fractor, We have paired the card with a base cousin here. Not sure why folks go crazy over x-Fractors, not my thing. I suppose the relative scarcity is an attraction. Regardless I think one could get a Zeid x-Fractor if really desidred

Josh Zeid: 2011 Bowman Platinum Prospects #BPP23 (chrome b-side)
Josh Zeid: 2011 Bowman Platinum Prospects #BPP23 (xfractor b-side)

The backs of the cards are exactly the same - the serial numbers even match.

2011 Bowman Platinum Prospects
Interesting side note, Ryan Howard was honored with card #1 in 2011 Bowman Platinum Prospects.

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