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2009 Topps WBC Redemption - Yoennis Cespedes

The 09 World Baseball Classic redemptions are starting to pop up. This is the redemption card Cuban Center Fielder Yoennis Cespedes.

Cesepedes is 24 years old and had a pretty good WBC, with 11 hits in 24 at bats (.458) over six games. Six of his 11 hits went for extra bases including 2 dingers, yielding a gaudy 1.000 slugging percentage.

2009 Topps WBC Redemption #8 Yoennis Cespedes

The cards are similar to 09 Topps Base with a light chrome finish. The WBC Logo is in the lower left corner and with the country the player represented above the players name where the team is listed on a base card. The Cuban flag is placed upon home plate where the team logo is on the 09 Topps card.

The photograph is pretty interesting, it appears that Cespedes broke his bat on the pitch. This on one hand is a pretty cool moment to capture, of course on the other hand this is supposedly a special card of a significant player of some merit and it would nice to see him displayed more favorably. Also this appears to be from one of the games Cuba played versus Japan - which were both losses for Cuba, the second of which eliminated the Cubans.

2009 Topps WBC Redemption #8 Yoennis Cespedes (B-side)
2009 Topps #207 Joe Blanton (B-side)

Click this image to enlarge it, but the cards are basically similar on the back. There is obviously no Signage/Acquisition information on the Cespeedes card. Which also only lists the place of birth for Cespedes and no residense. The Cuban flag is placed on the bases as the Team logo is on the base card. The WBC Logo is at the bottom of the card where the MLB/MLB PA logos are on the Blanton Card.

The Card number is in the upper right - For Cespedes the card number is 8, but my redemption number was 6 - It would have been nice to get Redemption 8 though. There is no trivia tidbit on the WBC card (The Lowest BA against on the Blanton Card). The Stats on the WBC card are from the 09 Classic. This was the first WBC for Cespedes, perhaps the other redemptions have career WBC stats.

The blurb on Cespedes card notes a Home Run he hit off Damion Moss in Cuba's 5-4 Victory over Australia.

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