Monday, October 11, 2010

Swag from Vintage Sportscards

The Vintage Sportscards Blog is consistently one of my favorite card blogs. Chris' column provides a unique historical perspective and I agree with many of his opinions regarding vintage cards and their facets such as condition and value.

Here are some of the Phillies beauties He sent my way in a trade.

1966 Topps #254 Ferguson Jenkins/Bill Sorrell RC

I always figured this would be one of the last cards I would get from the Phils 1966 team Set. A Rookie Card of a Hall of Famer. Unless you are a Jenkins fan or a HOF RC collector you may not know that Fergie came up with the Phils. In 1965 Jenkins got himself into 7 games as a reliever for the Phils. During the Off-Season he was traded to the Cubs for whom he had his best years including his 1971 Cy Young Campaign.

Billy Sorrell got himself into 85 games during the course of three different Major League campaigns. It's not much, but he did get to share a baseball card with a Hall of Famer. This card bring my 1966 Phils Topps Team Set to 20 cards out of 27.

1964 Topps #135 Johnny Callison
1955 Bowman #64 Curt Simmons

These are two other great cards among the many Vintage Phils Chris sent my way. The 1964 set keeps growing on me. It is on my list of sets from the 1960s that I am considering building.

I would also like to build a Bowman set at some point. Both 1954 and 1955 are under consideration.

Right now I am just concentrating on my Phils sets from those years - here are links to those want lists

1964 Topps
1955 Bowman

Thanks to Chris for the cards, and I have a package all set to go out your way. It would have hit the streets today, but I didn't realize it was a postal holiday.

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Chris Stufflestreet said...

Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I enjoy finding out that my various ramblings about a hobby I've known and loved for more than 30 years occasionally resonate with others. Please feel free to send more readers my way!

Glad you enjoyed the package, too. Funny thing, I had only put that Fergie RC into my dupes box a few days before...and was hoping I could find it a home where it could really be appreciated. (Note to those reading...Phungo sent me an email about a month before, but I was moving and let it sit in my Inbox for a while before coming back to it. Had I responded right away, that card wouldn't have been his.) When I opened your email and saw your wantlist, it was almost as if it had been fated to be yours. So enjoy it, my friend.

And I'll keep a look out for some return fire in my mailbox later this week.

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