Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2011 Phungo Cards - Charlaine Harris

Part of the fun of creating Phungo Cards is finding interesting subjects.  I typically try to put together a checklist that has a touch of Allen & Ginter.  This means throwing in some non-baseball cards.  
Last year I accompanied Fiancee Phungo to a reading and book signing by Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood Author Charlaine Harris.  I have never read any of the books but I have enjoyed the season or so of the HBO True Blood Series that I have been able to watch.  It's not baseball but it is still fun Television. 
To my surprise Harris filled the sizable Philadelphia Free Library auditorium to overflow(The Sookie Book "Dead in the Family" had just been released that week) - We got there 15 minutes early and sat in the last few rows of the theater.  You could tell Harris was a veteran of the signing circuit and was comfortable in the environment.  As I recall she spent about 15-20 minutes giving background on herself, her career, and her books including the discussing "True Blood".  I am not sure if she did a reading but she did have a substantial and entertaining Q&A session - Half perhaps more of the Questions were regarding the TV series, but this did not bother the author.  Harris had many a funny and interesting anecdote about herself as well as her books, characters, and family.  She kept the evening moving and drew many laughs from her young and enthusiastic audience.
2011 Phungo #41 Charlaine Harris
I took the photo for the above card during the book signing.  The line for the signing wrapped through and perhaps halfway around the Philadelphia Free Library - That is a good size line - This is not a small buidling.  But the weather was pleasant and the line moved quickly.   It was worth it, briefly meeting Ms Harris was a noteworthy and fun experience.
The newest Charlaine Harris/Sookie Stackhouse book "Dead Reckoning" came out last week ready for the Summer reading season - I know this because Fiancee Phungo has ger head buried in the new book while I, Mr Phungo, Check out card blogs, write postings, and follow the Phils.  The next installment of True Blood will be season 4 and will air later this summer.
This link will direct you to a Podcast of the Charlaine Harris event at PFL.  

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Captain Canuck said...

got Mrs Canuck a fancy Sony touch screen eReader for xmas.... now I never know what she's reading...
a whole lot less books going to the second hand store though.

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