Friday, May 6, 2011

Say Hey! 1959 Topps Willie Mays Foursome

In Celebration of Willie Mays 80th Birthday today we present the 1959 Topps Willie Mays FourSome. 
The 1959 Topps Set features Four Willie Mays Cards (plus the Giants Team Card)

We lead off with a card that Connects a Phillies Legend with Mr Mays.

1959 Topps #317 N L Hitting Kings Ashburn & Mays
Mays Base Card from the classic 1959 set
1959 Topps #50 Willie Mays
Mays was also featured in the Hi Numbered All-Star Subset.
1959 Topps #563 Willie Mays All-Star
We finish One of my all-time favorite cards is this one which honors a catch you will see repeatedly this weekend if your a baseball junkie.
1959 Topps #464 Baseball Highlights Willie Mays 
How can you not love this card.  I have been seeing the grainy footage of this catch since I was a kid and here it is on a 50 year old baseball card.
For the Collector
One of the oddities about the 1959 Topps set is the All-Star set.  Despite being part of the High Number Series the All-Star cards of stars are typically much cheaper then the more common base cards.  The Hi Number May All-Star has sold recently on eBay for $9.33 (rough) to $13.01 (more passable).  Low Recent auction for the other special cards was $7.00 for Ashburn/Mays and $7.03 for the Mays Catch.
The lowest price I found for the #50 Base card in reasonable condition was $31 for a Graded (VG) card, Although the card is available via BIN for $28.  
The cards featured in the above post were acquired at the following prices
$21.50 - #50 Willie Mays
$4.50 - #317 Ashburn/Mays
$7.00 - #464 Mays Catch
$13.59 - #563 Mays All-Star 
All prices listed include S&H, The Cards that I actually picked up were likely part of a larger lot and there may be a slight volume discount reflected in the purchase price.

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