Monday, November 21, 2011

Card Show Report 2011 11 11 - Oaks PA - CSA Show

Sorry not enough time to commit to a thorough write-up so I am just going to post a few snapshots and pricing when I remember the $$ - These are some of the Vintage cards I picked up at the show. Later in the week I will feature the dime box specials.  

Phillies Great Richie Ashburn
1955 Bowman #130 Richie Ashburn $2

Home Run King Hank Aaron

1975 Topps Mini #1 Hank Aaron '74 Highlights $2.00
1974 Topps #2 Hank Aaron Special (1958-61) $1.00

More HoFs
1960 Topps #450 Orlando Cepeda ($1)
1962 Topps Warren Spahn All-Star ($1)
1953 Topps Dick Williams ($2.00)
1959 Topps #147 Cubs Clubbers ($1 - w/ Ernie Banks)

The weekend of the Oaks Show was a busy one for me an dI dint' get to spend as much time there as I would have liked, but I did well for the brief time I was there.   The Bowman Ashburn was a steal at the  price of $2.  I already had the Cubs Clubber card, but this one was a definite upgrade.

$2 for the Hank Aaron mini was a pretty good deal as well - One of the projects that is dancing in the back of my head is building a set of the HoF 75 Minis.  There are quite a few of them in that set and they are basically the biggest names from my childhood.


Paul Hadsall said...

Nice budget vintage card pickups there. :)

Jim said...

Awesome pick-up with the '55 Bowman Ashburn!

Hackenbush said...

Nice vintage. I like em all.

Dhoff said...

Holy moly, those are some awesome deals. Good eye. That Ashburn is a fantastic find.

Stealing Home said...

i'm just gonna repeat what the other said..but it bears repeatin'..awesome pickups. sweet vintage at low prices. nice.

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