Wednesday, April 11, 2018

ANNIVERSARY: 1993 Apr 9 - Opening Day

Ok the busy/lazy blogger that I am missed an Anniversary. 25 Years ago the Phillies held the home opener for their 1993 Pennant Winning season. 

The 1993 Phillies opened at Houston and took all 3 games from the Astros. The Phillies returned home hosting the Cubs in front of 60,985 - the largest opening day in club history - and Team Phungo was there for the game.

As one can tell in 1993 I was not very picky about taking card of my souvenirs. This is the first major league ticket that I ever had with a play photograph. It was pretty special for the era. Oddly since then we have gone through a period when almost all tickets had pictures to the current situation where we don't use hard tickets at all. 

Regardless, I loved it at the time and I still love the tix today. Note that below the photo the card err I mean ticket honors Darren Daulton by mentioning his 1992 RBI crown. Well on his Ticket Photo day, he had a helluva day which included 5 RBI on a pair of Home Runs. So we have our star player on the tix, and the tix mentions RBIs and he piles on 5 RBI. Well Done Dutch!

Unfortunately that was not enough as the Phillies lost to the Cubs 11-7. The Phillies fell to second place a half game behind the 3-0 Pirates - It was the only day the 1993 Phillies fell out of first place. 
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Jim from Downingtown said...

That is an AWESOME stat that the Phils were in 1st place for all but 1 day that season! I remember in 1993, I would go to Wawa almost every weekday to grab a sandwich and newspaper, and take it back to my desk at work to read while having lunch. Every day I just threw the sports section in a file cabinet drawer, so by the end of that '93 season I had every day's paper. I thought I recalled reading something back then that they were in 1st place for most of all of the season, and now we have Baseball-Reference to check these things out! Thanks!

Hackenbush said...

Great souvenir! As a Cubs fan I had to look at the box score. Derrick May had an even better day than Daulton. Of course, Daulton had a much better season in the end.

deal said...

Derrick May JR played at Villanova.

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