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Tom Seaver (1977) Andy Warhol - From the Athletes Series

This is an Index to our material related to Andy Warhol's Tom Seaver painting. One of ten done for the Athlete's series.    

The Athlete Series: Tom Seaver (1977)

Rather than go into a lot of detail on Andy Warhol's 1977 painting of Tom Seaver here, I have broken down the information into smaller columns focusing on specific aspects or stories about the painting. The related links are below.

The 8 flavors of the Tom Seaver painting

The Midnight Massacre (1977 Jun 15)
The Portrait Sitting (1977 Jul 20)
A Tale of Two Caps - Mets or Reds  (1977 Jul 20)
The Polaroids (1977 Jul 20)

Juliet & Charles Seaver
Nancy Seaver
Richard Weisman
Rene Perez
Bernard Gotfryd
Andy Warhol Index 
Richard Diebenkorn

The Athletes Series
Rod Gilbert
Muhammad Ali
Chris Everett
Kareem Abdul-Jabaar
OJ Simpson
Jack Nicklaus
Dorothy Hamill
Willie Shoemaker
Dr J

Sources and Links
Andy Warhol Index
Tom Seaver Index 

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