Monday, June 25, 2018

The EIght flavours of Andy Warhol's Tom Seaver(1977) Painting

There are 8 flavors of the Andy Warhol Tom Seaver painting. These are the ones I have found so far:

Baseball Hall of Fame

Light Blue on right side, lavender to right side of face and on neck, rust brown above and behind head, red color 

University of Maryland

Green behind glove, Blue above head, brown behind head.

Seaver Family

Green Background

Christie's Auction (2013)

Blue front, no flair behind head.

Christie's Auction 2011 

 Grey Background 

I think I have found 2 other Warhol/Seaver variations, but the pictures are quite good enough to verify that they are different than any of the above. One is predominantly a rust color background while the other is mostly periwinkle.

Sources and Links
Warhol Tom Seaver Index
Warhol Index
Baseball Hall of Fame
University of Maryland Art Museum
Turtle Garage

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