Thursday, May 28, 2020

Happy 75th Birthday John Fogerty

Just want to take a quick second to recognize the 75th birthday of musician John Fogerty. We are mostly baseball here but we are also dabble in pop culture. Occasionally these two interests intersect.

John Fogerty "Centerfield" (1984)

What baseball fan is not familiar with the title cut from John Fogerty's 1984 Album "Centerfield". Blogger doesn't like the single word spelling but I do - strictly based off of Fogerty's use of it on this album cover. Everything about it is beautiful, the Beat Up Glove, the Baseball Style lettering and the classic tone.

"Centerfield" is such an iconic piece of Fogerty's catalog that he had a custom guitar made just for the song:


The guitar was on display when I last visited the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2015. If you expand the photo you can read the display card that credits Philip Kubicki as the craftsman who created the guitar which is named Slugger. 

Happy Birthday to Musician and Baseball Fan John Fogerty

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Fuji said...

One of the best baseball songs out there. It'd be fun to put some baseball cards to the lyrics. Heck I could see Gavin (Baseball Card Breakdown) building a collection around this song. Happy birthday Mr. Fogerty.

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