Tuesday, January 11, 2022

1960s Topps All-Star Rookie Cup Tournament - Bush Bracket Day 2

Today's we have 3 Games that will determine which two teams advance form the Bush Bracket to play in the 8 team Major Bracket. 

Game 1 Features both of yesterdays winners. The victor advances 

(1-0) Team Torre 19623 - 7 - 2
(1-0) Santo's Squad 19612 - 5 - 0
W: Jack Curtis (1-0)L: Dick Stigman (0-1)

HR: Floyd Robinson 62 (1), Joe Torre 62 (1)

Team Torre advances with Jim Torre himself hitting a dinger

(0-1) McCovey Stretchers 19602 - 6 - 3
(0-1) Team Boog 19635 -10 -1
W: Al Jackson (1-0)L: Jim O'Toole (0-1)
HR: Tom Tresh 63 (1)

Sadly Game 2 is an elimination game. Al Jackson and Tom Tresh led Team Boog to the W. Unfortunately this means that the Inaugural Topps Rookie Cup Team the 1960 McCovey Stretchers have been eliminated from the Cup Tournament. 

Game 3 features Team Boog (63)  vs the Loser of the advance game, Santos Squad (61)

(1-1) Team Boog 19635 - 8 - 2
(1-1) Santo's Squad 19614 - 5 - 1
W: Dean Chance (1-1)L: Chuck Estrada (1-1)
HR: Manny Jimenenez 63 (2)

Team Boog wins their second consecutive Elimination Game to advance to the Major Bracket. Kansas City Athletics Outfielder Manny Jimenez is the game MVP with a pair of Home Runs

1963 Topps Manny Jimenez

We now have our official field for the 1960s Rookie Cup tournament. The Major Bracket Seeds are as follows:

11964TChariles Hustlers
21966Tthe Little Joes
31968TMad Hits
41965TOliva's Army
51969TNo Drips
61967TTeam Davey J
71963TTeam Boog
81962TTeam Torre

First Round Pairings:
Team Boog
Pete's Posse
Bench No Drips
Oliva's Army
Team Davey
Team Mad Hits
Team Torre
Little Joe's

Be back with more games tomorrow. 

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