Monday, November 1, 2010

Walter Johnson Award winner King Felix on a Phungo Card!

2009 Phungo #34 Felix Hernandez

I love the idea that baseball bloggers have created their own awards. Last week Collective Troll was good enough to point out that the Walter Johnson Awards for the best Pitcher in the NL and AL were won by the Phillies own Roy Halladay and he Mariners Felix Hernandez respectively.

As a Phils fan you may have expected me to have posted Roy Halladay here. But as a lazy person who doesn't purchase many new packs I have yet to procure a Halladay Phils card.

Instead I have chosen this opportunity to show the team in the Pacific Northwest some love. This card is from the 2009 Phungo set. The photo was taken during a poor start by Hernandez at the old Yankee Stadium during his disappointing 2008 campaign. The Yankees got to Felix for 6 runs on 12 hits including a dinger by Johnny Damon.

As for the card - I mention Hernandez throwing arm as right (RHP) and his card number is 34 - same as his uniform number. However, if Felix gets another Phungo Card in the future he will need to settle for a secondary number as #34 will likely be taken by a different superstar pitcher. If I were to create this card today I would likely note Hernandez as the staff ACE. But back in 2009 that was debatable - and he was actually probably behind Cliff Lee in the Mariners rotation going into 2010.

Unfortunately Team Phungo let an ugly typo go through on this card as I have incorrectly named Felix "Feliz"

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Mariner1 said...

Thank you sir for showing my Mariners a little love. It has been a rough decade here in the Pacific Northwest. We haven't had much to cheer for outside of Felix and i guess, Ichiro. Thee 116 win season of 2001 seems so long ago. Her's to hoping we can someday return to our winning ways.

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