Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who Does a Better Anthem Card?

I have been meaning to Post this for a while - Since today is Veteran's Day I thought it might be appropriate.

2010 Topps #269 Anthem in the Bronx

2009 Phungo #24 National Anthem New York Yankees

I would have claimed a victory if it were not for my very unfortunate typo of "Nationals" instead of "National". This picture was taken prior to a Yankees Phils game in 2006. The Phils got shutout by stinkin Jaret Wright and a village of relievers that night. At the time We were still less than five years removed from 9/11 - I was thinking that the Yankees and Mets had stood through a couple hundred anthems but it probably would never get monotonous for them.

I give myself props for a Picture that includes a flag (although in the distance) rather than a Japanese automaker.

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