Friday, December 24, 2010

Is it Real and If it is, Why Do You Want It?

Dallas Green Autographed Baseball - Authenticated by.....Me

There is an interesting Kyle Stack article running on SI.Com regarding the authentication of Baseball Memorabilia.

After reading the article, one question that runs through my head is:  Wow if the MLB has half a million items, why the heck do they all cost so much?  I mean you would think a game used ball should be like $5 if there are 200,000 of them sitting around.         

Really What We Are Buying is the Authentication, not the Game Used (Bat, Ball, Base, Rosin Bag, Turf, Tobacco Spit Bottle, etc).  As Collectors, I think we are aware of this.  The cost of Memorabilia may be driven as much by the price of authentication as by actual demand.  Essentially we are buying a piece of paper attached to the item, that claims the item is real.

Another interesting note in the article is finding out holograms were in use by Upper Deck on Baseball Cards a full Decade prior to their use of MLB authentication.  If UD could see the value of protecting their comparatively inexpensive items from counterfeiting why did MLB not see the need.  Probably at some point MLB wisely noted that authentication would dramatically increase the price of memorabilia.

What Would Team Phungo Want?
Besides perhaps a Game Used Baseball, I think I would like a Line Up Card.  I think Baseball typically run in the $25-$50 range for non-marquee games.  Line Up Cards are around $75 as I remember.  I think a Line Up card would look good in a rec room.  I like the idea of an item that is tied to a specific game and the names on the card would make for a great conversation piece - plus their is only 1 issued per game (2 if you count the other teams card).  I also think a Line Up card is the right size for display.  Jerseys, Bats, Bases and Stadium Seats would facilitate the need of a good size Man Cave, and I am not at that station in my life yet.

Dallas Green
I basically only have low end autographed items, like Baseball Cards of minor stars and non-stars (certified by the issuing card co) and ones that I secured on my own. 

The above Ball was autographed by Dallas Green following a speech he gave at a Local Historical Society several years ago.  It was from an era when I was not really into collecting sports memorabilia or cards, and that sort of makes it special to me.

Happy Holidays

I just noticed Team Phungo hit the 600 post threshold last week.  Wow!  I sort of don't believe it - I am not nearly as prolific, bright or funny as many other card bloggers, and I would never have guessed this endeavor would have lasted 600 posts.  It really wouldn't be possible without everyone else writing their own blogs and checking in here and taking an interest in what I have to say and providing feedback.    

Thanks everyone for writing and reading.  I really enjoy reading all the varied opinions and information on cards and sports and it is a nice respite from the rest of the chaos in my life.

Thanks to You All and Happy Holidays. 

Take a blogging break and enjoy the long weekend with family and friends!



Derek Hill said...

congrats on the 600!

Unknown said...

Great picture!!! What i really liked about that picture is that the autograph signed on the ball. It looks amazing.
original sports memorabilia

Anonymous said...

The lineup card is awesome! I wasn't sure if I wanted one when I visited Detroit earlier this season, but I bought it anyway. It turned out to be Chris Sale's first win, and looks very cool. I am still trying to figure out the proper way to display it. I have bought a few baseballs as well for games that I thought were important. It is much cooler to get one yourself though which I still have yet to do during an actual game.

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