Friday, December 4, 2015

2009 Toipps #UH248 Chan Ho Park

Yesterday we covered Chan Ho Park's HoF (lack of) candidacy. Today I just want to add some proof that he spent 15 minutes in the Phillies organization.

2009 Topps Update #UH248 Chan Ho Park

2009 Topps Update #UH248 Chan Ho Park (b-side)

Just posting this to note that it is interesting that Chan Ho Park owned slugger Miguel Tejada. Prior to coming to Philadelphia Park was basically a starter. With the Phillies he was relegated to spot relief.

 Phungo Cards

 2010 Topps #51 Chan Ho Park

One final piece of evidence Chan Ho Park pitched for the Phillies, way back in 2009 I took a picture of him on the mound and somehow that picture made it onto an early Phungo Card

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