Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy 50th Birthday Craig Biggio

Just noticed on Twitter that Hall of Famer Craig Biggio is celebrating a Milestone Birthday today.

1991 Score #161 Craig Biggio

I am a fan of the early Biggio cards. Anytime I see one in a dimebox that identifies him as a catcher I will pick it up. 1991 Score captures the young Craig Biggio during his first position switch to Centerfield.

The C-CF on the card has to be an on card rarity. First you have the positions involved, how many Catchers are speedy enough to play center. Secondly you have Score differentiating the specific Outfield position - something that Topps (and others) still don't bother with a quarter century later.

1991 Score #161 Craig Biggio (b-side)

Along with several other accolades the text on the flip side mentions Biggio's unique position change. Nice guest appearance from Moneyball Manger Art Howe with the Quote.

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Tony Burbs said...

Happy birthday Craig! He truly was an under-appreciated athlete.

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