Thursday, December 3, 2015

2016 HoF Ballot: Chan Ho Park - 1994 Score Select #177

With Korean First Baseman Byung Ho Park signing with Twins I thought it was a good opportunity to discuss Chan Ho Park in our HoF Ballot Series.

1994 Score Select #177 Rookie Prospect Chan Ho Park

Unfortunately the BBWAA committee that is responsible for creating the Ballot did not see the need for that discussion. Park fulfilled the 10 year experience quota but was left of this years ballot - Jay Jaffe noted in an SI Article that for a number of reasons Park was the biggest snub on this years ballot.  Chan Ho Park was the first Korean Player to make it in the states, as more of his countrymen Join MLB teams the significance of his career will grow.

Phungo Verditct


Ok - I'm Asian and I feel for the Snubbed guy. To be honest Chan Ho Park's year with the Phillies was pretty mediocre as was his career.

Great thing about writing a blog is I can Put Chan Ho Park in the HoF and blow off Mark McGwire.

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