Monday, May 23, 2016

Tommy Greene No-Hitter Card #2: Stadium Club Members Only

For the middle edition of our Tommy Greene No-Hitter Trilogy we take a look at a special card from the 1991 Topps Stadium Club set.

1991 Topps Stadium Club Members Only Tommy Greene

Little hard to make out in the card photo but at the bottom of the card it states "Members Only". The Phrase refers to the set only issued to TSC Members.

Good Action shot of Tommy Greene here and the Full Bleed is nice, especially for 1991. However Topps stumbled on a pet peeve for me - on Specialty card dedicated to No-Hitters and other milestones it always irks me when the card messes up the Home/Away illusion.

As we know from the no-hitter box featured in our earlier posting, Tommy Greene tossed his gem in Montreal. In the above photo Greene is obviously in the Phillies Home Whites.

1991 Topps Stadium Club Members Only Tommy Greene (b-side)

Topps makes up for that oversight on the back of the card. Yeah my irrational dislike for Fouling up the Uni- Colors is matched by Irrational love of Newsprint themed cards.

Pretty sure I would read the Stadium Club Herald cover to cover if it were published today.

I am a little disappointed with the portion of the Text that specifies "Seven bases on balls were all Tommy permitted...".

In what world are 7 walks considered trivial! 
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