Friday, January 27, 2012

Phun Cards and a Phungo Challenge

Phun Cards is a new feature that we are going to try running here at Phungo.  There have been numerous series that have been started here and never quite finished or returned to at all.  Like everyone here, I have a bit of ADHD and bunches of ideas dance around my brain and don't make it to the page or only do in a half-ass way.

Well today I want to introduce one of those ideas.....and see where it goes.

I am hoping that Phun Cards can be our version of the Cardboard Appreciation err I mean CA feature.  Typically single cards that are interesting for one reason or another.  I would also like to bring Hall of Fame profile back and make it part of Phun Cards.

Enough blabbing - Here is the first ever Phun Card 

2000 Topps Stadium Club #148 Pat Burrell

yeah yeah I know, gotta get the scanner hooked up.  not a priority - I have all this house stuff to do and all these important twitter feeds to follow.  And it's a shame because this is a pretty decent looking action shot from way back at the turn of the century.  Stadium Club has always had banging photography - in 2008 I think it may have come at the expense of Topps Flagship product which had horrid photos.

This card features a young Pat Burrell at the other end of his career which appears to be coming to an end.  We also have a pretty decent guest star on the card in the Person of Andruw Jones.  Amazingly Jones had already been in the league 4 years and will likely bookend Burrell's career by playing for the Yankees this season. 

Phungo Challenge

It is a Friday and you read this far because you really don't feel like working so here is your Phungo Phriday Challenge ....

I have always wanted to do this - Ok all you Baseball-Reference junkies - you know where we are going here:  What day was this game played?


Cards That Never Were said...

Assuming Jones is out at first, and that it was a game played in 2000, it should be June 19th.

Cory said...

Not to comment on the game but the set. I an really starting to admire greatly the early 2000 sets of Stadium Club, Gold Label, and Topps Finest and Topps HD.

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