Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1975 Topps Rocks at Rolling Stone!

Author, Music Reporter, and Baseball Fan Dan Epstein is hosting an interesting feature on the Rolling Stone Magazine website revolving around Baseball's Great Questions.  

Each installment features a inquiry or subject for which several Pop/Rock musicians comment upon.  The panel of musical artist varies a bit in age, peak era, and musical significance.  but they do have some things in common they all appear to be good baseball fans and all are male. 

The column is called "High and Tight" for more background click here.

Of interest to card collectors is that each panelist is also portrayed on a  "card" inspired by the 1975 Topps design.  On the heels of our visit with Night Owl Cards, I think it is very appropriate to have a  post referencing 1975 Topps since NOC did such a great job chronicling the set.


Faux 1975 Topps George Thorogood. 

I am not real familiar with about half of the musicians, but there were a few that were on my radar.  None of the Musicians on the panel represent the Phillies.  I am a bit miffed that Delawarean George Thorogood is a Mets fan.  

As noted above there is a variety of musicians are part of the feature.  There are a variety of subjects covered,  All-Star Games, Pitch Counts, No-Hitters, Memorabilia, and Opening Day are among the items that have been discussed.  Really it is pretty similar to the old Blog Bat Arounds,

Here are some of the cards for musicians that I recognize to some degree.  Some younger or hipper folks may know a few of the other artists.  There are about a dozen contributors.

Faux 1975 Topps Pete Yorn

Yorn covered a song for the Warren Zevon tribute album "Enjoy Every Sandwhich" 

Faux 1975 Topps Steve Earle

the man who gave us Copperhead Row,

Faux 1975 Topps Steve Wynn 

Wynn leads an outfit called The Baseball Project that has put together a couple of fun albums composed of nothing but baseball related songs. 

To check out the complete set of 75 Topps Rockers check out High and Tight.

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