Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy 5th Anniversary 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies: 2009 Topps #278 Post Season Highlights

Tempus Fugit - 5 years ago This blog was in it's infancy and the Philadelphia were World Champions.  A lot has happened in those five years.  The Phillies aren't nearly the same squad but it is fun for a day to look back at that magical 2008 run.

2009 Topps #278 Post Season Highlights (black parallel)

I like the cards that commemorate the great moments in the game, and this is also a game that I was lucky enough to attend - it is a card that I will always love.  There are several other cards that commemorate the Phillies run including this DayF custom.

More Phungo 2008 World Champions Postings
2008 10 29 - 10th anniversary with some Phungo Pix and a game ticket
2008 10 30 - Our initial celebration posting, the photo is quite blurry, yet I love it.
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2008 11 03 - Cole Hamels World Series MVP

DayF original 1/1 

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