Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lou Reed 1942-2013

Ticket Stub 1992 05 16 - Lou Reed

The 2 decades between May 1992 and today leave me sketchy on the details, but I can remember having a great time.  Lou Reed performed an entire album that night - "Magic and Loss" I think.  He finished the evening with a few encores - Dirty Boulevard and either Sweet Jane or Rock N Roll.

The Velvet Underground's "Loaded" will always we one of my favorite albums. 
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Rumpleforeskin said...

Saw that tour. In fact, I was at the Greek Theater in LA the night he performed, which was also the day of Reginald Denny beating that started the Rodney King verdict riots. Two vivid things I remember was him singing Dirty Blvd. as an encore and driving home and no one was on the roads... really an eerie sight in LA...

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