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20th Anniversary: Phillies Host 1996 All-Star Game pt2

Twenty Years Ago Team Phungo was at the 1996 All-Star Game.

1996 All-Star Game Ticket 1996 07 09

The NL won the game 6-0, As noted yesterday Phoenixville Alum and Dodgers Catcher Mike Piazza earned MVP honors as he went 2 for 3 including a Titanic Home Run.

The signature across the front of the card is the autograph of Ricky Botallico the only member of the Philies to receive an All-Star invite in '96.

Botallico actually came to where I worked to sign autographs. This was during the extremely lean late 90s when the Phillies were trying to get attention any way possible. I felt bad for Botallico, they place him in a nice outdoor are atop a hill, but the day was ended up being colder than expected and windy. Only a few dozen people even came out for the autographs. It was pretty sad.

In his only All-Star Performance Ricky Botallico had a fine outing in front of the home fans. Entering in the fifth inning he retired three of the four batters he faced, the only batter to reach was Brady Anderson via a Ken Caminiti error. Botallico's victims included Future Hall of Famer Cal Ripken and a strikeout of potential HoF Ivan Rodriguez.


One of the 1996 ASG sponsors was a local Satellite TV business named "Primestar". Each fan was given the above frame for the oversized All-Star Ticket.

It isn't real simple to do but the when placed in the holder the ticket looks kinda nice, except for the Primestar Logo right at the top...

1996 All-Star Game postings
1997 Topps #333 HL Mike Piazza ASG MVP
2016 Topps TBT #37 Mike Piazza

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