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Chase Utley Matches his Favorite Player with Six Hit Game

2008 UD Masterpieces #69 Chase Utley

Prior to a six hit performance on Wednesday Chase Utley's previous game high Hit Total was 5. That game is noted on the back of the above Masterpieces card.

2008 UD Masterpieces #69 Chase Utley (b-side)

During the Phillies 9-3 Victory over the Nats on April 25 2007 Utley collected Five hits including a pair of doubles and recorded 3 RBIs. Three of the hits were with 2 outs. The principle victim of the barrage was John Patterson, a Former #5 overall pick who would only pitch in 2 more games as a Major Leaguer.

I was watching the Orioles @ Dodgers game yesterday when Vin Scully mentioned that Utley's sixth hit of the day tied a team record that was set by Shawn Green in 2002.

This wrung a distant bell in my head.

UCLA Player Bio Chase Utley

Years ago while playing at UCLA in his Bio Chase Utley had listed Shawn Green as his favorite player.

Pretty cool for somebody that is 37 years old to tie a team record of a childhood hero.

The big blemish on the accomplishment is that it came during the a Dodgers Loss, 6-4 to the Orioles.

Shawn Green's day is notable for another reason, four of his six hits were Home Runs. Fortunately for him and the Dodgers the game was a 16-3 Win over the Brewers in Milwaukee.

The Four Home Runs by Green were part of a record 9 Homer Week, which is commemorated on a 2003 Topps Card.

2003 Topps #333 Season Highlights Shawn Green (Swiped from Baseball Card Database)

The back of the card documents Green's incredible week.

2003 Topps #333 Season Highlights Shawn Green (b-side Swiped from Baseball Card Database)

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