Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 World Series

I will be rooting for the Indians this year. However I like both squads.

2004 UD USA Baseball #USA-60 Terry Francona

One of the reasons that I will be cheering for Cleveland is that their manager led some very bad Phillies teams in the late 1990s. In my opinion he took a little to much heat here for that lack of success of those teams. 

However....I believe the Indians are way overmatched, I predict the Cubs in a quick four games. MVP goes to Ben Zobrist.

For more information on this card an 2004 UD USA Baseball see our original posting on this card which is here

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Jim from Downingtown said...

In 2000, FOUR YEARS into his Phillies' managing stint, Terry Francona RESTED regulars Bobby Abreu (RF) and Mickey Morandini (2b) ... ON OPENING DAY!

Rested? In game #1? WHO DOES THAT?

I don't know who I had less respect for: Francona, or the players who didn't have enough competitive spirit to insist on playing ON OPENING DAY. Instead, utility scrubs Kevin Sefcik and Kevin Jordan started, probably because they were "gamers" (Francona's favorite expression).

Francona was a complete boob back then. Since then? Yes, his teams have won 2 World Series. What a difference good players make.

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