Monday, June 28, 2010

Phungo 5 with Nachos Grande

This week the Phils visit the NL Central Division Leading Cincinnati Reds. For a closer look at the talent on this Upstart team we talk to Chris from Nachos Grande.

I post the Reds over under as 87 Wins - which will it be?
I think the Reds will finish the year with more than 87 wins. As I write this answer, the Reds are on pace for 88 wins (according to CoolStandings). However, the Reds actually should get better towards the end of the year since Edinson Volquez will be returning and Aroldis Chapman may make a bullpen appearance to add some intimidation to the 'pen.

1995 UD Minor League #78 Scott Rolen

Have you been surprised by
Scott Rolen's performance for the Reds?
When the Reds traded for Scott Rolen, I thought it was a bit of a wasteful move both in terms of money and players (they sent Edwin to the Blue Jays). However, Rolen has impressed me considerably and performed much, MUCH better than I thought. In fact, I believe he is the key to the Reds success this year - if he remains healthy all year, the Reds make the playoffs.

If the Reds are buyers a month from now, who would fit well into thier lineup?
The Reds could use a leadoff hitter but I'm not exactly sure who they'd be able to get. The offense from the shortstop position is lacking (as is left field defense) so those would be the areas I'd expect the Reds to try to fill. If Chapman doesn't slot into the bullpen, the Reds really need to find someone (besides the ageless wonder Rhodes) to fill the gap from the starters to Cordero.

Barry Larkin card makes you cringe?
In general, I'm not a fan of super "busy" cards like the 1995 Topps Bazooka Barry Larkin make me cringe.

Who will be the
National League Rookie of the Year?
If Strasburg keeps pitching decently, I'm afraid the hype machine will lead to him being named MVP. However, there are a lot of solid rookies in the National League that deserve consideration (including the Reds' Mike Leake who's been great all year despite never pitching a single inning in the minor leagues).

Phungo Box Score
3 for 3 for Nachos Grande. I always have mixed feelings on Scott Rolen - he is a Diva but his work ethic is typically unquestioned, and when healthy he capable of providing quality on-field leadership. Only 3 of 3 since I have out two prognostication type Qs. I like the faith that Chris is showing in his squad and I would also like to see the Reds make a push for the post-season.

Looking Back
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