Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Philly Show Returns this Weekend

The Philly Show returns to Valley Forge this weekend, March 4-6.  The show comes to the area three times a year and I enjoy it every time I attend.

2011 Phungo #50 Jamie Moyer

The most disappointing part of the show is that it becomes more expensive autograph autograph show and les card show every year.  This weekend the big autograph day for baseball is Saturday.  Friday is primarily Flyers and Sunday is basically dedicated to the Eagles.

Jamie Moyer is one of the signers on Saturday.  I already have Mr Moyer's autograph, so I doubt I will shell out the $40 for his signature.  The Free Auto on Saturday is former Phils pitching coach Joe Kerrigan.  I will likely will wait in the 2 minute line for his autograph.  Hall of Famer Orlando Cepeda will be part of Saturday's festivities ($30).  Mr Hockey, Gordie Howe, will be autographing items for $89.

Note the scheducled Dick Allen signing has been CANCELED.  This unfortunately has become a pattern of the Philly Show.  At almost every show there is a major cancellation or postponement.  Last Year both Jim Palmer and Roy Halladay were not present for their announed shows.      

Friday is Flyers day with several past and present players including Danny Briere, Bernie Perant, Dave Schultz, Rick Tocchet, and Reggie Leach.

Sunday is dedicated to the Eagles. The Free Auto is Calvin Williams.  Harold Carmichael at $25 is the deal of the day to me.  Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook, and DeSean Jackson are all over $60.

I expect to be at the show on Saturday hunched over a dime box looking for cheap singles.  If anyone plans to attend the show let me know and we can hook up.

Admission to the show is $8.  There is usually a $1 off coupon in the local weekend papers.

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Jim said...

Have fun! Budgetary concerns and my work schedule are making me sit this one out.

Captain Canuck said...

it's Bernie Parent, not Bernie Perant.

and does 'hook up' mean something different in Philly than it does here? Please say yes....

Funner Here said...

I'll be there. Had a pre-ticket for Roy last time and was kind of glad he didn't show, because it would've been even more packed than it was. I drove back up (from MD!) the end of January and went to the Halladay, Lee, etc. signing. Awesome and worth it.

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