Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 Topps Value Box - Is it a Value??

For The Collector - Value Box??? 

The Box claims there is a 40% Savings - Is this true.   

Lets do the math. 
5 x $1.99 for five Topps Pack = $9.95
2 x $4.00* for two Hobby Heritage =  $8.00 

2 bonus cards = $3.05

Ok I cheated on the Mantle card and the bonus and made up a number.  All 3 chrome cards are gong for $3.99 and up on the bay.  The GG cards are going for a buck each.  $3.05 is a conservative estimate.  Has anybody actually sold one of the chrome inserts on ebay?? 

*also I assumed a cost of $4 on the Heritage Hobby.  Not sure what single packs are going for this year.  I am just going off past experience.   

That gives us $21.00.  The Box lists for $14.99.  There is a savings of $6.01. 

This comes down to where you call the savings number at - if it is off of $21 your savings is only 28%, however if you specify $14.99 as the base then the savings is.....40%


oh yeah there are cards in the box - here is the chrome insert

Thats a teaser more content tomorrow. 

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Play at the Plate said...

Bought my first and probably last one of these yesterday.

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