Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Phungo 5 with Emerald City Diamond Gems

Game 1 of the 2012 MLB season is in the books.  Yesterday we took a look at the Oakland A's, Today we take a look at their opponent and AL West Rival Seattle Marlins who currently have the best record in all of Major League Baseball.  How about that Mariners Fans!!!  

We have enlisted the help of our friends over at Emerald City Diamond Gems to find out what is going on with the MLB rep from the Pacific Northwest. 

1) Are you for or against the Mariners appearing in the Japan Series? 
Am I for it? No, we need to have the extra time in Arizona for our young guys to prepare for the season. Do I understand why we went? Yes I can. We have some of the bigger names from Japan or our roster. I'm sure it is also a cash cow for MLB to send our guys there

2012 Heritage #491 Ichiro

2) Do you cheer for or against Cliff Lee?
 Both my son and I still root for Cliff. I knew it could never happen, but I would have loved to see him stay. I think if he was here he could have helped some of our young future pitchers.   

3) I am going to be out in Seattle in May, anything about SafeCo that I should be sure to check out and is there something special in Seattle that I should see that other tourists may not be aware of?
There are a few cool things about Safeco. One place to check out, eat and drink is the bullpen market out in centerfield. If you are coming to a evening game you need to head up to the 300 level and take in a few minutes of the sunset near home plate with the sound and the Olympic mountains. I think the riding of the ducks through town and on the water is fun and informative. If you have a little extra cash, see if you can get to Kenmore Air and take one of their 3 hour seaplane sight seeing tours

4) What presense (if any) do the Seattle Pilots have in local baseball lore.    
For me personally the Pilots were here and gone before I was born. I have really tried to learn about them and the history they had before they left. I think they were vital to us being able to bring the Mariners to town. I'm still looking for my last few Pilots cards

5) Nirvanna or Pearl Jam
For me personally it is no contest. I have been a HUGE Pearl Jam fan since they came out as Mookie Blaylock in 1990. I know that many people liked Nirvana better and they got more airplay, but I feel that PJ are better in songwriting and musical talents. I do like Dave Grohl and the work he does with the Foo Fighters though. 

lets see 4 for 4 going into the Music question and we will award the point for Pearl Jam as well - and kudos for getting Mookie Blaylock involved.  Really I would have given a thumbs up there either way unless ECDG went off the menu and thrown all his unalterable support behind say Pat Boone

On Deck
As the regular season draws near for the remainder of MLB, we plan to examine the two time reigning AL champion Texas Rangers with Play at the Plate. 

Looking Back
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night owl said...

Wow that Ichiro Heritage card is strange-looking without the last name.

Mariner1 said...

Thank you for the oppurtunity to be a part of the fun of getting to know other fan's city. Keep an eye out on Saturday for some 1979 Topps blog love for you.

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